Hey, I’m very excited to announce the launch of the SOLO Curve Fever Pro Tournament, the "CFP 2019 Cup".

This tournament will take place every Thursday at 8 pm CET and will be posted on YouTube (we will study the possibility of streaming it according to its popularity).
The "CFP 2019 Cup" is quite different from the usual tournaments, I let you look at the rules here:

We hope to see you registered for the launch party Thursday 7th November at 8 pm CET. If you have a question about the tournament pm on discord or post a comment :slight_smile:



8pm cet?


Yep !


What do you mean “rank” and “derank”? Like you go up from say a diamond to a diamond 1, or what?


Ill sign in maybe… Ah sht 8pm cet… Nwm I’ll try to sign in
BTW there are some prizes for 1st,2nd,3rd place?


If you rankup, it mean’s that you change group to go to the one above.
Derank mean that you change for the lower group.
So in group 1 we’ll have the best players and in last group we’ll have players a little less good.
Hope I answer your question if not feel free to reask me.


No prizes for now but if the Tournamnt works well I’ll see what I can do.


oh, ok thanks. As another question, does it matter if you don’t show up to on one day?


If you don’t show up, you will automatically derank and the group where you were will play with only 5 players


you mean Thursday November 7th I assume? :slight_smile:


Oh yes, my bad. I edited the post thx :slight_smile:


np. it was obvious what was meant I think :slight_smile:


:ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand:


Registrations ends next on 6/11/19 as a reminder :slight_smile:


How do you register for the tournament?


Go to the doc, then hit the top link in there, and fill it out. (You need discord)


Read the rules


Spamish, I know. Just wanted to put this topic on top again to combat some imbecile trying to push old topics to the top… don’t hate me


Thx mate :slight_smile:


twelve people registered so far :slight_smile: let’s spread the word and get some more players to join!