[Unofficial] Tournament (14th September)



Hey team,
So I really love the game and its community :heart: Especially I enjoy tournaments. You meet old friends, new friends and a lot of cool people. It’s always a great fun to me to play a tournament.

Actually that’s the main reason why I am going to host a one. To make it clear, it’s NOT an official tournament, so if you win it you’ll not get a champ tag. Maybe there will be added some prizes which contain gems, but I am not sure about that yet.
About the date: It’s gonna be held on the 14th Sept, 20.00 CEST (GMT+2).

More Details
  • Not every power-up will be allowed (Powers similar to CF2/CF3 items will be not allowed)
  • If not at least 12 players sign up, the tournament will be cancelled
  • The schedule will be published at least half an hour before the tournament starts
  • It would be awesome if you shared this topic with your friends so we can get more participants :heart:
Allowed Powers
  • Blue Powers: Jump, Shield, Hide Self
  • Purple Powers: Homing, One Shot, Double Shot, Scatter Shot, Zap, Side Shot, Multi Shot, Laser
  • Red Powers: Mine, Stealth Mine, Trigger Bomb
  • Green Powers: Low-res, Trippy, Clock Block, Curve-blind

So if you’re as interested in playing tournaments as I am or just love to beat me in a fair game, just sign up and I will add you to the schedule. Only thing you have to do is writing “I’m in”!

Signed Up Participants
  1. Shen’
  2. Property
  3. Python
  4. Line
  5. Zero
  6. MavMav
  7. You
  8. Owl
  9. doncoupon



I’m in for this tourney, GLHF to everybody that gets involved.


I’m in!


Best of luck with the tour shen c:


I am obviously in :heart: just a quick reminder I think homing/zap/scatter might still be bugged so keep that in mind :joy:


Some of the shots are bugged too!


I’m interested mate, though it depends on the state the games in at the time as I’m not enjoying it much currently. Will it be FFA?


thanks man! :smiley:


yeah, it’s definetely gonna be FFA @Zero :wink:


I’m in c:


I’m in! Idk if you’ve played FFA after the team update, but its hellllaaaaaa buggy.


Come on guys, sign up!!!


I’m in


I’m in for now, hopefully I’ll be able to send the kids I’m babysitting upstairs to watch a film or something while we play the tour! XD


There are still spots left guys! GoGoGo!!! You can do it! Sign up guys!! I KNOW YOU CAN DO SIS!!!


Will you still make it if we are only 8. Keep in mind that some might not show up :joy: We could just go straight to the finals if we are 6 and play multiple rounds tho :stuck_out_tongue: would be cool to make it happen.


Well, folks; it’s that time.


Im in!


Well I am sorry guys, but since not enough players signed up, they tournament will be cancelled!
Thanks to everyone who signed up though! You’re awesome! :heart:

See you in the official tournament (maybe)!


//Closed due to cancelled