[UNOFFICIAL] Test tournament TEAMS ALLROUND tournament!


Helloooo thereeee,

This test tournament will happen this Saturday evening! Unranked rooms. Lots of different power combinations tested and different formats too (perhaps counting “won rounds”, survival points only, addition of ffa points, etc, etc). Teams won’t be fixed, and in each round you will have the opportunity to play with different teammates, so that it doesn’t matter too much if there is a skill gap between players in the room.

To sign in, simply send: “I’m in!” Don’t give names of teammates - they will be assigned randomly each game!

[unofficial] Test tournament series

I’m in!..playing with Main account


sarah2005meow is in


I am in too :smile:


Not sure if I got time. But I’m in for now


Im in


I’m in!


sorry i wont be able to make it. I will be travelling from 16th till 25th.


I’m in


Not sure if I’ll make it building I’m in for now as well.


I’m in (can’t log in in my Shen’ acc) add me as Shen’ tho pls


SatGamesYT is in as well! (IDK if ll make it)


I am in. @Caracoleh767 wanna play? :3


Unker is in.


I’m sorry but Main is not longer in!


yo i guess im in :rofl:


Anja [the best mod ever] asked me to sign her up as well. so she’s in!

…but she didn’t read the first post and agree to it.:rofl:


I’m in!


I’m in!


Is there schedule or anything??