[unofficial] Test tournament series


Last test tour…

Welcome everyone to the start of the TEST TOUR SERIES!

In this unofficial test tournament series we will be testing out different power combinations, tournament set ups and will be holding tournaments at different times like during the evening US time (so 1-3am EU time) and during the week. The overall structure is as such:
-The series will last a few months.
-There will be 8 tournaments over a number of weeks.
-Depending on the position you come in each tournament, you will get a different number of points for the overall ranking.
-The overall ranking only considers your performance in your top 3 tournaments! So if you can’t make it to all the tournaments, don’t worry!
-Each tournament will be announced at least 3 days before the tournament.
-Players can sign up to the tournaments whenever they like, but if they sign up within 2 hours the the tournament starting, the tournament host will determine whether or not the participant gets to join (based on how many don’t show up).

Depending on the number of players who have participated in 3 tours by the end of the series the prizes will change. There will be a gem prize for the overall winner no matter what, and if the series overall is a success, there may also be a smaller gem prize for 2nd and 3rd place overall. (Alt accounts and “no-show” accounts will not count towards the overall leaderboard - you can sign up with different accounts, but each account’s score will be treated differently in the overall leaderboard).

There will also be a prize for the best play across the tournament series, best improved new player and possibly even for the most consistent and helpful feedback after each tournament. The content of these prizes have not yet been confirmed.

This series is designed in order to try out new combinations, tournament structures, gameplay modes etc so after each tournament there will be feedback polls. Please take the time even if you cannot participate, to watch replays and give feedback. All this feedback helps to make the main official tournaments better!

Further notes:
This NOT an official tournament and while I may be able to help sponsor gems as a prize, the overall winner will not get a Champion title. Official tournaments are way cooler so definitely sign up and participate in them. :slight_smile:

By holding these unofficial tournaments we also hope to get more people involved with the competitive tournament scene, so please if you find players in-game who may be interested, invite them to forum and discord server so that they can join in!

Last but not least I would like to thank @Alpha who will help run a lot of the tours and who helped me to make this tournament possible. Thank you! @Line may also assist in the running of tournaments and may also join in running them.

Please feel free to leave comments about what time you might want to play, what gamemodes, what tournament structure (Round-robin? Group stages? Multi-day? League-style? Single elimination?) and so on!

Links to each tournament and the overall rankings will be posted below when they are announced:

-test tour 1: Unofficial Tournament Sunday 3rd March - Test Tour starting 20:00 CET (max 2hrs long)

-test tour 2: [UNOFFICIAL] Test tournament TEAMS ALLROUND tournament!


One other thing, if anyone would like to host a test tour themselves, to practice hosting or to host one during hours that other people can’t do - like for example during America hours or Asia time, feel free to message me either here or on discord and I’ll be happy to help. It can also be part of the series.