[Unofficial] Results of the 4 vs. 4 Draft Tournament


Good afternoon, curvers!

First of all, I want to thank everyone who dedicated some of their time to play in Sunday’s tournament. 41 players showed up for the tournament.

Best 24 players of the Qualification made it to the Main Event, where they got drafted into teams by the jury’s chosen 8 captains. Here you can see out how the draft turned out:


Unfortunately, chaz had to go before the Main Event began so Bozzy got N1it3ro as a replacement. Coffee also had to go before the last game of St.Anger’s team so they got a replacement, as well. This time, it was Ersin71712 that subbed in for Coffee.

Final standings of the tournament:

1st place :1st_place_medal: - Python’s team: Python & DanlostwithReal & eduOv4r & Jeva2 - each member got 400 :gem: .

2nd place :2nd_place_medal: - Bozzy’s team: Bozzy & Alex & HHHHHHHH & N1it3ro - each member got 300 :gem:.

3rd place :3rd_place_medal: : - St.Anger’s team: St.Anger & SHEEP & Coffee (for 5 games)/Ersin71712 (for 1 game) & Accalio - St.Anger, SHEEP and Accalio got 100 :gem:, Coffee got 85 :gem: and Ersin71712 got 15 :gem:.

Click to read for the full standings of the Main Event

4th place - hohoho’s team: hohoho & shaykoz & Ersin71712 & GoodLuckMan.

5th place - Death’s team: Death & 74R45 & Rypherio & KAMIKAZE - each member got 100 :gem: because I did not accept my prize of 400 gems and decided to donate it to their team because they got eliminated because of an air death in the crucial 15th round.

6th place - Isar’s team: Isar & Grem & W1uku & SuperNova.

7th place - Harald’s team: Harald & Zane Thursday & timeisthelimit & Cheddar Bob.

8th place - Dripsies’ team: Dripsies & Niels & Rain & Gosu Fearless.

Thank you all for participating and I hope that even though it was just unofficial tournament, you enjoyed it. I would appreciate a lot if you could post your feedback under this post about this tournament.

Pros of the tournament:

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  • Positive thing which I noticed was that many games were really close (8-7) and it was really hard to predict the winner which means that there were no stacked teams in the tournament.
  • Most of the players were enjoying the tournament (as far as I have asked).

Cons of the tournament:

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  • Some of the teams were a little bit weaker because of the others. This could have been maybe caused by 2 factors: the format of the tournament didn’t support aggressive captains because they had to find a good survivalist and many participants did not have many modules unlocked which meant that some players, who would have been better off with survivalist role (like Dripsies) had to use attacking modules.

  • The qualification did not also go as well as we planned to because many people did not show up - only 32 showed up there (and later N1it3ro, as well). Maybe it was because of the tournament starting at 19.00 CEST which is not the usual time for it to start.

  • Many people also did not like that as substitutes, we did not follow the order of your Qualifications place. The reason because of that was that we tried to get a substitution that was at the similar skill level with the former member of the team which means that we had to just pick someone, with same skill level as the leaver, from Qualifications (that did not qualify).

SHEEP also suggested not to include all the Qualified players which gave me an idea for the future draft tournament (if it’s 4 vs. 4, with 8 teams and with Qualification): top 16 of the Qualifications will be certain pass (for 1st and 2nd round picks) and from the rest (17th place - last place perhaps), team captains will choose 8 players as their 3rd round picks. What do you think of this idea?

Last but not least, I want to thank @Isar, @hohoho, @Gremlin and @Whitesnakee for helping me with this tournament! Big thanks to @Bozzy, @prabh, @Rypherio, @Life, @Dripsies and @Alex1 for being in the jury (with other hosts of the tournament) and spending time on rating the participants. @Isar also recorded some games of the tournament . You can see the video from here: [https://youtu.be/hNNguaOljZQ].

Have a nice upcoming week and see you hopefully in the next tournament,