[Unofficial] Rapid Drills Tournament


I am in as timme


Hey guys!

This unofficial tournament is eligible for gem rewards.
For every 5 participants that play in the tournament (rounded down), 100 gems is added.

For example, if 23 players play in this tournament, 400 gems would be rewarded and this would be for the organiser of this tour to decide how to split this.


How do you check eligibility for unofficial tournaments? Are their guidelines, I would like to read them, thanks.



Here --> Information regarding unofficial tournaments


I am in as KAMIKAZE


I am in as jeba the hut


im in as cedsgm


i checked my calender, and i cant come, please remove me




I’m out as well


I am in as @knowthedrill. Let’s drill!


I am in as simko


I am out as KAMIKAZE




I am out as Batman


i am out as creepy 7242


I am in as Southpaw


Im in as olangmyr


Hey guys,
Thank you for the amazing rapid drill tour. Congrats to everyone specially to finalists and our rapid drills champion.

1st place - Harald
2nd place - Southpaw
3rd place - asdfSIX#22134
4th place - eduOvr4
5th place - Jules_swored
6th place - Lars