[Unofficial] Rapid Drills Tournament


Hi all! This tournament is an ffa rapid drills style tournament which will take place on the 2023-02-11T19:00:00Z.

Rapid Drills rules :

3x Cooldown speed
3x Gap frequency

Custom powers :

No fevers allowed ( to avoid spam with fast cooldown )
No hide allowed ( perma hide its not fun for others )
No shield
Only time bomb and trigger from mine section ( again to avoid mine spam )

After each round winners power used on an up arrow will be banned, in the finals all of the powers will be allowed again.


Sign-ups run until 1 hour before start of the tournament
Use one of the following 3 ways to sign up:

  • Write I am in as ~username~ under this post.
  • Send a private message to me - SButko#3371 or Intra -INTRA#1012 on discord
  • Let one of the tournament organizers know in-game that you want to participate.


-Bragging rights
-Gems!! Depending on the number of participants, distribution will be decided soon !

** Schedule**


Awesome! I am in as Intra


I am in as Creepy 7242. #easiestunofficialtourofmylife #easiestno.1 #rentfree


also :man_facepalming: :laughing:


Hi creeps, I just had a message from Isar that we have to delay this tour to the 18th is that still alr for u?


I didnt say u have to* and i said 18th/19th or a non weekend date would work


mb I meant we decided to delay to then because of you


NEVERMIND I made a dumb mistake IGNORE EVERYTHING I SAID we dont have a tour on 11th I got confused, so this date is good :slightly_smiling_face:


xD nvm then creepy
No delay at all it’ll go ahead as planned


:joy: everything is easy when u r crappy :smile:


I am in as jouhritje




im in as bag:P


ima use a good power:P


im in as cue


its so cool


Ur gonna us brake and time, wont you :joy:


Im in as doncoupon




Im in as Batman