[UNOFFICIAL] Random Powers Tournament Results



I would like to thanks to all the 36 participants that have played in the tournament! It was less than expected but thankfully, it worked out well!

Our final standings:

:1st_place_medal: Horton86462 - :crown: + 400 Gems
:2nd_place_medal: Dripsies - 300 Gems
:3rd_place_medal: Old You - 200 Gems

Congratulations to these top 3 finalists and also congratulations to everyone!

The rankings:


Our 3 lucky winners that has a choice of 5 euros or 190 gems are:


One of the staff members will / would have reached out to you about the prizes!

Thanks to everyone for cooperating with us and a special thanks to @Ambroz37 and @Alpha for keeping this tournament well-organized.

We all hope to see you play in the next event!

Stay happy & keep curving!


Thanks everyone for playing, tournament would not be possible without you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::star_struck::partying_face:


Thanks also from me to everyone for participating! We hope that you had lots of fun!


Np <3

And congrats hyrt for champ and @Gremlin for gems :3