(Unofficial) No modules tournament! 27th October BIG CHANGES!



reconsider to make it at 8 pm ,otherwise u could lost the most of the playerbase ,is faded against everyone :wink:


i want to play


BIG CHANGES! The time is again 20:00.


Well then i am in again as well :joy:


im in


I’m in.


Is it too late to join? I would like to join


You can join if you want :smiley:


never gonna be too late to.just check out the schedule and read the terms and conditions


We have 30 players!


Then sure ill glady join!


okay, where can i find who im playing with? :thinking:



I join!


yhes gei boi


I’m in (if it’s not late)


It’s never too late :slight_smile:


Will the tourney still have missiles?


I’m not sure that 20:00 CEST works for me anymore :frowning:. I would have been able to make 18:00 CEST. I will see if I can make it, but no promises. How early notice do you need? I mean, if I don’t show up, expect me to not play. Sorry! I really want to!


Nevermind, I will be playing @ 20:00 CEST. Excited!