(Unofficial) No modules tournament! 27th October BIG CHANGES!



I’m in
Team Saudi anyone?


Im in


yeah guys tbh i will help my polish brothers, by focusing other nations :wink:

you can thank me later


Bro, I will ban all teamers, but you can focus.


man im jk xd


Ok :wink:


I’m in


I’m in! Finally no modules…


So we have 16 players: MaeiU, Caracoleh767, Ozzzj, IWasInBeta, TC_12, Owl, Line, icespirit, Wojtas, hohoho, Kadziel, Shadow, t1gre, dahaka0313,74r45 and me.


And you kinda fucked up the discord link. You forgot to edit the expiring date. It’s expired already.


wait a sec.


I think it works now.


it don’t


I said Idk if I can yet, but that I was looking forward to hearing how it went xd I’m not in (not yet at least)


I am in.


I’m in.


@Rice im not him, the date is not good for me


what day and time u’ll be available to play,personally would like to see u there


Ayy, american players, come on sign up!!! I personally dont know if i can play :frowning:


i could play the 3rd november at 19: 30 -20:00 CEST