[UNOFFICIAL] New Tournament CFPRO this FRIDAY (For Quarantine)



I don´t want this post to look like spam, because it isnt.
This is a respectful invitation, trying to get Curve Fever players to play and have fun.
So please take this issue well, thanks you.

Curve Fever PRO tournament, this May 1st, Friday at 16:45 Washington.
Anyone who wants to register for the tournament is welcome, listen to this Instructions: Enter the following link, register on the web and then register for the tournament.
Direct link to the tournament information: https://www.tierraprohibida.net/torneo?idt=5

It’s simple, just register on the platform (no matter it’s in Spanish, you can use a google translator and the owners and we speak basic English).
We will wait for you and thanks for participating.

Contact me so I can help you and resolve if you have questions regarding the tournament:
Telegram: @MatiGaMeS
Discord: MatiGaMeS#5521

Att, MatiGM.


any prize? lol


Points at stake;
1st - +3,000 x Players.
2nd - +2,000 x Players.
3rd - +1,000 x Players.
Participate +300 x Players.

Prizes at stake;
+0.03 Tb accumulated per active participant.
Spread; 1st 50%, 2nd 35% and 3rd 15%.

(Tierrabots (TB) are the currency of the web, they are used to buy things within it or STEAM CARDS)

Everything is in the link.


sounds good


Well, as I said before, you are welcome if you want.
We are not very good like you in the game, in fact those who have won tournaments so far have been invited as “Theangelov” and “75R45”, but the idea is also to have fun, not just win and win. So now I make these posts so that more people have a good time.

MatiGM. :smiley:


i going


but do i get in the tournament?


and is sil in it?


You must enter the link and register on the web.
When you are registered you register.


In the link you can see the list of registered so far.
@Sil has not yet registered or entered the tournament.

There’s Silkon, Ambroz37 and me.


well, i am now


@MatiGaMeS why cant i just type in in as (my name)


Maybe some characters aren’t valid, try a better name


i still don’t get how to enter the tournament send me the link


First you register on the website at the top right and after you have created the profile, it gives you permission to register for the tournament.


The tournament going to start in a few minutes.


Nice initiation! Unfortunately, I could not make it this time.


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