[Unofficial] Full Camp Competition!



I have decided to host unofficial full camp competition to see if it would be a good idea for official events in the future.

Screenshots of the full camps (example) can be found from here: [Hall of Fame] Wall of Glory - Full Camping.

The competition will be held from 24th of August, 15.00 CEST until 20th of September, 22.00 CEST.

You can sign up until 13th of September, 23.59 CEST. If you sign up later, you might get to compete and might not to.

Sign up by either:

  1. Commenting on this thread by saying “I am in as [Yourusernamehere]. I agree to all rules.”;

  2. Telling me in game (Magician) that you are in (“I am in as [Yourusernamehere]”);

  3. Telling me somewhere else or on Discord DM that you are in (include your username as well).

The rules are simple: try to survive as long as you can on a single player map without any modules and without Pickups.

You will have 60 minutes and the last attempt for making your best camp.

Meanwhile, a recorder will record your camping session and post it to YouTube.

Only 1 entry is allowed per account which means that you can only compete once in this competition!

Any skins are allowed to be used!

Under no circumstances should you cheat, cheating will cause automatic disqualification from the event.

You can use any tactic for camping (half camp, full camp, half camp and full camp, etc.). Just try to survive for the longest you can.

For competing, contact one of the recorders (and come on an agreement about competing time), current list of recorders:

Magician (Friendly neighbourhood SpiderMan#0075 on Discord);

ambroz37 (ambroz37#2872 on Discord);

theangelov (theangelov#2401 on Discord).

Contact either one of us if you want to record.

Currently, there are no prizes for winning this event but if you want to donate, we will accept the donations.

See you on camping field,


[Hall of Fame] Wall of Glory - Full Camping

I am in as Magician/Shazam/Python (one of those accounts) . I agree to all rules.


when does dis start


Our first camper has competed: -o_O- managed to camp for 4 minutes and 42 seconds, video of their camp can be found from here: https://youtu.be/mc0THR4Yf84.


You need to come on an agreement with 1 of the recorders when you want to do it. It must be between the time gap when the event is going on.


Our second camper has competed: prabh managed to camp for 7 minutes and 23 seconds, video of their camp can be found from here: https://youtu.be/LUCx1MeYeV8.


I am in as meow


mhm sounds fun im in as NotThatBad


Did you mean Vode An?


New rule change: now, participants have 60 minutes + last attempt to compete their camp which means that you will get 15 extra minutes if they already participated. Thank you, @Hybrid for reminding me that CF Pro map is about 30% bigger than CF2 map so people should have about 1 hour to compete.


I am in as Ten, I have read and accepted all the rules!


Current leaderboard:

  • means that the camp has been finished and that the result is final.

Videos are available on YouTube (JAANDLV channel).


I have got some news regarding the competition. First one is a reminder that the event is going to end on this Saturday, (19th of September) 23.59 CEST! If you still have not competed and want to, make sure you make an appointment with official recorder and camp before the deadline!

I would also like to announce that we have a new recorder: theangelov is going to be official recorder as well.

Contacts of the 3 recorders:

Magician (Friendly neighbourhood SpiderMan#0075 on Discord);

ambroz37 (ambroz37#2872 on Discord);

theangelov (theangelov#2401 on Discord).

40 players have competed already, let’s make it to 60 (or even more)!





The competition ends in less than 24 hours!!!

The_Sorra has 40 minutes left.

lesroz has 35 minutes left.

Cuver_Bot#20423 has 36 minutes left.

Arsene has 13 minutes left.

ferma has 45 minutes left.

tenitenitei has 36 minutes left.

74R45 has 41 minutes left.

Curvefever is going to camp as well today (Saturday).

If you have some time left, you must use it before the deadline of the competition (19.09. 2020 23.59 CEST), if you fail to do it, the best time you achieved earlier in competition, will be your final result.


@Begon also has 40 minutes left.


Update: deadline for camp competition has been postponed to 20th of September, 22.00 CEST. You can still get recorded tomorrow, do not miss your chance.