[Unofficial] FFA Tournament [Curve Fever Pro Olympics]!



Last but not least tournament of Curve Fever Pro Olympics is approaching! It will be a FFA tournament. All modules will be allowed to be used. You can still qualify for the final event, currently, last qualifier has 11 points so nothing is impossible). Current standings:

Date and time: Saturday, 1st of August, 20.00 CEST.
Sign up before 1 hour of the tournament (Saturday, 1st of August, 20.00 CEST).

Schedule will be on a bit before the beginning of the tournament.

How to sign up?
-Comment below "Iā€™m in as [insert in-game username].
-Private message Magician in-game that you are in.
-Direct message either Gwar_S
#9040 or Friendly neighbourhood SpiderMan#0075 on Discord your username.
-Typing in #tournaments in the official Curve Fever Discord server with your username, https://discord.gg/7mHykQm .

Room creation
Room name: Round 1A (see from schedule)
Password: FFA
Game type: FFA
Ranked: off/on (highest ranked player decides)
Game mode: powers
Type: private
Turrets: on

There are no current prizes at the moment, if there are any sponsor(s) who would kindly like to sponsor this tournament or olympics, please DM either Gwar_S
#9040 or Friendly neighbourhood SpiderMan#0075 on Discord.

Schedule: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ukQSuzOL_Dm29g84qV1VRrzOn5TsJ9gtBzl-BGcclLo/edit?usp=sharingā€¦

I hope to see all of you on Sunday!

Alpha / Magician


I am in as Magician.


I am in as aron
And @Alpha what time does tour start for Curvefever?
She lives in Texas


Is it 5.35 p.m. in Texas now? If yes, 1 p.m.


Its he btw






U doing tour?


its 5:36 pm


Okay, so yes, it will begin 1 p.m. for you!


still it is this sunday?


yes i am




okay thank you!


rn im just wating


You can still sign up though


ik ok


xD :joy:




Just saying aron can u sign me up