[Unofficial] Experimental League



I was thinking of bringing some competition to Teammode and host (separately from unofficial tournament crew) an unofficial experimental league system for top players. Please note that there will be no rewards for this event and it is being hosted for entertainment purposes. You can also view this event as experimental Elite Teams tournament.

                                  How will this work?
  1. Rank yourself up by playing team games (no boosting allowed → I will check if I find something suspicious and disqualify that player if I catch them boosting) until Sunday, 8th of August, 23.59 CEST. At Sunday, 8th of August, 23.59 CEST, I will freeze the leaderboard and check for top players’ ranks (please note that rank decay exists and I will count decayed rank only).

Sample of leaderboard freezing:

1st place would be odin with 2148, 2nd place would be Python with 1980, 3rd place NICK with 1953 and 4th Curver with 1877. Other people from the absolute top are either rank decayed or have multiple accounts in it.

  1. Selecting team captains. After leaderboard will have been frozen at Sunday, 8th of August, 23.59 CEST, top 4 players of Teams will be invited to be team captains for this event. If some of those players decline to participate in this event, next player on the leaderboard will get the invitation. Those 4 players will be team captains and will organise their team for each match.

  2. Draft - round 1. The highest ranked team captain will start with picking a player. We will try to reach out that player then and see if they are interested in participating. If they are, draft can continue. If not, that player must pick another player. After 1st team captain has got their first teammate successfully picked, 2nd-highest ranked team captain will pick their first teammate. Afterwards, same thing will repeat with 3rd-highest ranked team captain and then 4th-highest ranked will pick their first mate.

  3. Draft - rounds 2 - 3. Similar process to draft’s 1st round will also happen there and the order is still the same (highest ranked team captain gets to pick earlier than others in each draft round). After draft’s 3rd round, all teams will successfully have 4 members.

  4. Draft - rounds 4 - 6. To keep the event as scheduled as flexible as possible, I have decided to allow using 3 substitutions for each team. They will also be drafted similar to other draft rounds.

Please note that at least 3 teams will need to have at least 1 VIP in their team so please take it into account (the more people with VIP membership, the better) - otherwise, we cannot host those games.

NB: (for team captains) Keep in mind that there are no other restrictions for picking your teammates, they only need to agree to join your team or cannot be picked by other team before.

  1. Main event. All teams will play each teams 4 times (3 x 4 = 12 games in total). You get 3 points for normal victory (8 - 0/1/2/3/4/5/6), 2 points for tie-break victory (8 - 7), 1 point for tie-break loss (7 - 8) and 0 points for normal loss (0/1/2/3/4/5/6 - 8). After regular season is over, 2 teams with most points (36 is maximum) will advance to the Final where they will play in best of 3 or 5 format (will be decided by captains of teams, that advance to Finals) against the other team and find out, which team is better.

                       Team captains' responsibilities & privileges:
  1. Team captain is responsible for organising their team for each match.
  2. Team captain has a privilege to choose who of their roster will get to play (they can even spectate some games if they wish!). However, there are 2 rules: at least 2 players from main team need to play in each game & there must be 1 person with VIP membership in each match.

Sample: odin picked HyceK, prabh and ambroz37 for his main team. His team’s substitutes are Rynx, meow and null. However, for match against NICK’s team, odin will put Rynx, prabh, null and himself into game. This is alright because odin picked 2 players from his main team to play in this match and 2 players from bench → it doesn’t violate the rule about 2 players from main team needing to be there for each game + prabh has VIP membership.

  1. Team captains need to inform me, when they want to play their game, so, I could record the match (or get someone else to record). If they fail to do that, match will be counted invalid and will have to be replayed.
  2. Team captains will also attend a board meeting in the beginning of the event with organisator(s) where more specific details (possible restrictions, if Pickups will be allowed etc.) will be discussed about.
  3. Team captains will also get a vote if the match should be played ranked (I will ask them about that before the match). If 1 captain wants ranked, but other does not, then all players, that will play, will be asked if they want ranked, or not. If votes from that questioning will also be tied, the game will stay unranked.
  4. Team captains can also decide, whether they want spectators or not. They can also set a limit for the amount of spectators (for example 2 spectators per team). However, all members (that were decided to put on a bench for the match) of the teams, that are playing, will be granted a chance to spectate their team.

All games will be recorded and uploaded to YouTube. After the videos are public, people can watch those high-skilled games from there.

I hope that this small event can bring some competition & joy in your summer evenings/nights!




We have finally gone through captain selection and we also drafted players into teams.

You can find from the following image, how we selected team captains and how the teams are going to be:

If you still have not contacted your team’s captain and you are in their team, make sure you do it as soon as possible so we can start with the games very soon and held them smoothly! :wink:

Link to schedule: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WXdWmE3XbIrOI2Jew2teELswgveijE_dHzxSF09REw4/edit?usp=sharing.

Also, special thanks to @Gremlin for helping me out with the design! :wink:


New rule: Team Captains can replace some of the bench players with some other players (for example if bench players do not want to play or cannot) until they play their first game. After the team has played first game, no more changes can be made in team’s roster.