Unofficial Event Iron Man: June 26th - July 24th



Unofficial Event Iron Man: June 26th - July 24th

While we usually bring you tours, this month we will be hosting an Iron Man event! :trigon: This challenge will consist of 3 different contests which will all be held simultaneously.

:white_check_mark: Event start: 2021-06-25T22:00:00Z
:stop_sign: Event end: 2021-07-24T22:00:00Z

Challenges :cfp:

:trigon: 1. Hole Points: Pass through as many holes as you can on a single player map!

  • You will attempt to pass as many single, double (x2), triple (x3) and quadruple (x4) holes as possible.
  • Your attempt is over once you die. No modules will be allowed and pickups must be turned off.
  • To begin the challenge, you will start off with passing through as many single holes as possible. You will have 2 attempts to do as many passes as possible.
More information about Hole Points Challenge
  • After this, you will have 2 attempts to pass through the same hole twice (double hole).
  • Once you have completed double holes, you will have three attempts to pass through the same hole three times (triple hole).
  • To wrap up this challenge, you will be given 5 attempts to attempt to pass through one hole four times (quadruple hole).

The best attempt from each of your passes for single, double, triple and quadruple holes will be summed and assigned the following scoring method.

Scoring Details & Room Settings for Hole Points Challenge
  • Single pass through one hole = 1 point
  • Double pass through one hole = 3 points
  • Triple pass through one hole = 9 points
  • Quadruple pass through one hole = 27 points

Example: You score 24 single pass holes, 10 double pass holes, 3 triple pass holes and 1 quadruple pass hole. You will be awarded with 24 x 1 + 10x 3 + 3 x 9 + 1 x 27 = 108 points.

Room Settings:

:trigon: 2. Double Camping: Grab a buddy and attempt to double camp (survive as long as you both can while simultaneously camping together).

  • No powers are allowed and pickups will be turned off. Make sure your room is unranked as your match will be set up as a 1 vs. 1.
  • You and your partner will have 15 minutes in total to attempt a double camp. The timer starts as soon as your curves start drawing lines and will be locked when the first person dies (you or your partner). This is your camp time and what will be used to rank you against other participants.
More information about Double Camping Challenge
  • The partner you sign up with to attempt the double camp will not be allowed to substitute after July 21st (three days before the contest ends) so make sure to choose a time that both you and your partner can make.
  • If your partner does not show up to camp with you by July 21st staff will assist you in trying to find another partner.
  • Only one double camp (your best double camp if you complete more than one) will be counted. All start spawns are allowed.
Room Settings for Double Camping Challenge

Please note that you can also make it a private match if you do not want people to interrupt.

:trigon: 3. Single Player Speedrun: Get 100 points as fast as possible by passing holes in a single player map.

  • All blue modules are allowed except Corner, and no other powers can be used. Tip: Jump and Brake can be really efficient for this.
  • You have 3 attempts to finish, and your fastest time will be used for ranking purposes.
  • Time starts when the first line on your hole appears and ends when you reach 100 points. If you die at any point between 10 and 100 points, the time between rounds will be included in your overall time so it is best to finish in as few rounds as possible.
Room Settings for Single Player Speedrun

A video of your best attempts will be uploaded to YouTube after the end of the event is finished

:cfp: Here is a video explaining all 3 challenges: Iron Man Challenge Video

Signup :memo:

Please use one of the following methods to sign up:

  • commenting on this topic "I’m signing up as {username} for {challenge #1 or #2 or #3 or all}. For the 2nd challenge, my partner is [username]”;
  • writing this message in the #sign-ups channel in the [Curve Fever Pro] Unofficial Tournaments server
  • writing this message in Discord DM to Friendly neighbourhood SpiderMan#0075, Roxie#1800 or Ivan.#6666;
  • including the same information in-game (game chat/DM) while Magician/Python, Roxie or Gremlin are in presence (make sure that we are not AFK, though).
More information on Signups

If you would like to sign up but do not have a partner for the Double Camp contest (Contest #2), you can still sign up and Staff will assist you in finding a partner. If by July 21st, 20:00 CEST you have not found a partner, Staff will try to team you with another participant who was also unable to find a partner.

Note: If you sign up after July 21st 20:00 CEST it is Staff/Recorder’s discretion to allow your participation. Recorders will record players on their own time, so they may not have time to record your contests after this deadline has passed.

Step 2: After signing up, contact one of the recorders in the following ways (list of the recorders will be seen below under Staff/Recorders):

  • Privately message a Recorder and/or Staff member in-game, on Discord or on forum and try to schedule a time when you can compete.
  • All three contests do not have to be completed the same day, but remember it is your responsibility to schedule all 3 contests with a recorder.
  • It is expected when you schedule a contest(s) you complete the contest(s) in full.

Step 3: Don’t forget to have fun! :slight_smile:

Point System :crossed_flags:

For all 3 events, you will receive points based on your final position. They will be summed in and the player with the most points will become the Ironman Champion. :crown:

In Event of a Tie

If someone shares the same position in the 1st and 3rd challenge, they will both receive an average of their places. For example, if 3rd and 4th place are tied and they should be awarded with 80 and 75 points, both will get (80+75) / 2 = 77.5 points.

Points System Chart

In the 2nd Challenge (Double Camp) , both campers on the team will receive the same amount of points.

Schedule :memo:

Iron Man Event Participants

Rules :stop_sign:

Please read before signing up!
  • Staff has final say regarding bugs and rematches.
  • Cheating is not allowed in any form.
  • Remapping keys is allowed, however, using assistance (macros) is not.
  • All skins are allowed for this competition.
  • Corner is not allowed to be used in the 3rd Challenge (Single Player Speedrun)

Staff & Recorders :mega:

Staff: @RealRoxie, @Alpha, @theangelov, @Ambroz37, @depth1

Recorders: (in-game name - Discord name - forum name)

  • Magician - Friendly neighbourhood SpiderMan#0075 - @Alpha
  • theangelov - theangelov#1234 - @theangelov
  • ambroz37 - Ambroz37#5739 - @Ambroz37
  • 74R45 - 74R45#1337 - @74R45 May not be as available to record due to other commitments
  • Rypherio - Rypherio#7777 - @Rypherio May not be as available to record due to other commitments
  • Gremlin - Ivan.#6666 - @Gremlin
  • BabaYaga - KomendaKacper#2009 - @HappyTree
  • aron - [шK] Aron Kulik_YT̛̛̛ ⍟ﹰ ﱞ̛̛̛#5718 - @Aron123

These are the recorders that are approved to record your contests. No other recordings will be accepted. The list of recorders is subject to change if we get more volunteers.

Rewards :gem:

  • :1st_place_medal: 1st place: 20 euros or 900 gems

  • :2nd_place_medal: 2nd place: 15 euros or 600 gems

  • :3rd_place_medal: 3rd place: 10 euros or 400 gems

  • 4th place: 5 euros or 200 gems

  • 5th place: 5 euros or 200 gems

  • 6th-10th place: 100 gems

:trigon: Lucky winners: 3 x 5 euros (worth 200 gems) will be drawn between all participants that took part in all 3 challenges!

A minimum of 30 participants must complete all 3 challenges for these awards to be given!

We’d like to give a warm thank you to Anonymous for donating 100 euros for this event :relaxed: Your generosity is appreciated!

Thank you all, and happy curving! :cfp:


1 announcement!

If you are not already in the CFP tournament server I invite you to it for all of you to keep up with the announcements if you are not regularly on forum but very active on discord!

Server link: CFP tournament server

Thank you all and GOOD LUCK!


1 more thing!

For the event use your best skin! Meaning that use the skin that you feel is the smoothest of all your skins!

The better curve your skin uses and the more smoother it is could be a way to help you win the event!

Happy Curving!


i’m in as Horton86462 for all events


Good luck :grin:


Happy to see this idea finally made into a contest. I wont be able to attend but i will try to follow the contest a little to see how it works out. :heart:


I’m signing up as REDSHADOW for all challenges . For the 2nd challenge, my partner is not clear yet.


I am in. Already did all challenges. Python filmed them :joy:


Thanks for signing up :partying_face:! That was quite quick but GG!


Thank you for signing up :partying_face:! I’m sure that the recorders (such as myself) and the staff could help you find one if you couldn’t find one before you decide to start the 2nd challenge!


I’m in for all 3 events, though I haven’t got a partner for challenge 2. THANK YOU FOR THISSS!!!


I can vouch for you.


Thank you @Shadow3, @Line & @memedroid for signing up! :partying_face:


You’re welcome


I am in as prabh



Hey everyone! I am also editing it into the announcement, but here is the “schedule” so you can see how many participants and challenges are completed. :relaxed:
Iron Man Event Participants


sexy rexy




I’m going to be signed in has [Xtrachip] #1 powers are the best