[Unofficial] Elite Full Camp Competition! (💸)




Me and @Alpha have decided to host an unofficial elite full camp competition, because we just had one and it turned out to be successful! This time, we aim for a higher skill level of campers and therefore, we limit the amount of participants. For that, we will make a qualification for the competition.

Screenshots of full camps as an example can be found here: [Hall of Fame] Wall of Glory - Full Camping.

The competition will be held from 18th of October, 15.00 CEST until 15th of November, 22.00 CEST.


• The top 8 players from the previous competition are invited to participate in this main competition without any need of going through the Qualification round.

• The best 24 to 32 campers, including these top 8 players, can participate in the main competition as long as they agree to the rules of the competition.

• The list of nominees will be set up with proven to be (through screenshot with the Match Statistics Tool on it or a video) personal best camp results.

You can enable the Match Statistics Tool only while playing in a match by pressing ` or \ .

• All nominees will be ranked after the deadline of Qualification round by their personal best times and the top players will advance to the main competition.
Anyone who reaches 11 minutes is automatically guaranteed to compete!

• The minimum amount of participants will be 24, but if more than 24 nominees reach more than 11 minutes, the list of participants will be increased.

• Based on the proximity of the times of the nominees from 24th to 32th place, the participants amount could be increased.

• After the deadline of the Qualification, the competition will start.

Deadline of the Qualification: Saturday, 17th of October, 23.59 CEST. Please send your entry for the Qualification round by then!


• Try to survive as long as you can on a single player map (practice mode) without any modules and without Pickups.

• You will be given 60 minutes, plus your last attempt, for making your best 2 camps. The sum of the times of your best 2 camps during the competition will be your final result.

• Meanwhile, a staff of the competition will record your camping session and post it to YouTube with your song request(s).

• Only 1 entry is allowed per person, which means that you can only compete once in this competition!

• Any skins are allowed to be used for the main competition. For the Qualification round, you can’t use skins that have white in it - unless one of the staff members agree (and show up) to spectate you to make sure the time will be visible and right.

• Under no circumstances you should cheat! Cheating will cause automatic disqualification from the event!

• You can use any tactic for camping (half camp, full camp, half camp and full camp, etc.). Just try to survive for the longest time you can.

To compete:

Contact one of the staff members and come on an agreement about competing date and time.

Current list of recorders:

@Alpha (Friendly neighbourhood SpiderMan#0075 on Discord);

@ambroz37 (ambroz37#2872 on Discord);

@theangelov (theangelov#2401 on Discord).

Prize Pool:

Currently, the prize pool is as it follows:

1st place - 10 € (5 € from @theangelov & 5 € from @meow);

2nd place - 5 € (from @theangelov);

Secret Achievement Prize - 5 € (from @theangelov).

• An extra challenge for the try harders. The secret will be revealed in the end of the competition!

Donators paying through Paypal - @theangelov, @meow.

If you want to donate, we will accept the donations. Please name the amount and the way of your donation.

Spreadsheet of the competition

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact one of the staff members.
See you on camping field,

Magician & theangelov :kissing_heart:


Sorry guys, a small change in the rules about the Qualification round. I hope you don’t mind it.


Current leaderboard of Qualification:

11 campers are currently automatically qualified for the main event.


@msd_7 has joined the Staff. He will also be a recorder. His Discord is msd_7#4966.


Can I be part of the recording team?


Trailer of the competition: https://youtu.be/3CyMtG6gPuI.


Nice video!


Qualification round has ended! Results of Qualifications can be found from here:

Now, the main event will kick off!

Good luck and have fun!


Hey everyone, nice to see you again. I have to announce some changes and new stuff that will be added to the competition :smiley:

Prize Pool:

We want to thank to our anonymous donator who gave an additional 50 € for the prize pool!
The money will be distributed as it follows:

1st place - [10] 25 € (5 € from @theangelov, 5 € from @meow & 15 € from anonymous :heart:);

2nd place - [5] 15 € (5 € from @theangelov & 10 € from anonymous :heart:);

[new] 3rd place - 10 € (10 € from anonymous :heart:);

Secret Achievement Prize - [5] 10 € (5 € from @theangelov & 5 € from anonymous :heart:);

• An extra challenge for the try harders. The secret will be revealed in the end of the competition!

[new] Lucky Winners - 2 x 5 € (10 € from anonymous :heart:).

• Two lucky competitors will be drawn from the list of the main event’s participants. Each will receive 5 €.

Donators paying through Paypal - @theangelov, @meow, anonymous :heart: (donation has been received by @theangelov)

I really appreciate the donation from our anonymous donator, this makes the main competition even more exciting :blush:. But this is not the end, there are two more announcements! Because of the big donation we received, we’ll make the competition even more challenging!

Last Chance Rush:

It would be given a last chance to those who didn’t make it to the main competition.

• Anyone who wants to compete in the main competition and achieves 10 minutes of camping, will be granted access.

• The last chance rush begins on 22th of October, 23.59 CEST 30th and lasts until October, 23.59 CEST.

• As a proof of your achievement, you will have to either ask a staff member to witness it or send us a screenshot / video with Match Statistics Tool visible on the screen. (Please refrain from using Angel skin if you will present a screenshot as a proof)

• Whoever enters the main competition through the last chance rush has to agree to the rules of the competition beforehand.

I hope some more people will be able to join the main competition through the last chance rush :р
But for the final of this post, I will announce our new additions to the staff team! (Plus discord link for the competition’s server)

New Staff Members:

msd_7 (msd_7#4966 on Discord);

Black (Blacky#2680 on Discord);

@prabh (prabh#3562 on Discord);

@Hybrid (aspherix#9040 on Discord);


Here’s the Discord server link for those who still haven’t joined us :3

I would also like to show you guys the trailer for the main competition! It includes the players who went to the main competition through the qualification round and the VIP (top 8 players from the previous competition) participants :smiley: .

And this is the end of this post. I hope everyone will be more motivated to compete with the current prize pool, or at least have fun :slight_smile: .
Good luck and have fun to all qualified and to be qualified main competition participants!

Magician & theangelov :kissing_heart:


whoa, ty anonymous donator!

now my contri looks pale and silly tho :joy:


i hope more people participate in this.
im sure there are a few 11+ campers who arent participating.
maybe now they will. :upside_down_face:


Meow I am one of those! :joy:
I sucked in the first camp competition.


useless i live in the us


two things:

  1. i don’t have the patience to waste 12 minutes of my day and go around in circles 25 times
  2. I see u David tryna get ur mod badge back :eyes:


Well, it’s interesting for some people to see how durable and skilled in the sphere of curve control they are. And the prize pool motivates them to try it out even more.

Why would I want that when I was the one who quit this post? :stuck_out_tongue:
And another thing, I might go back to the mod team someday, but not right now since I’m getting busier and busier.


well ur hosting a tour sooooooo