[Unofficial] Curve Fever PRO tournament TierraProhibida



I do not want this post to look like promotion or spam, because it is not.
This is a hearty and respectful invitation, trying to get Curve Fever players to play and have fun.
So please take this issue well, thank you.

Curve Fever PRO mini tournament, this Friday at 17:45 Washington.
Anyone who wants to register for the tournament is welcome, listen to this link / Guide / Instructions: Look in the browser “TierraProhibida community” and you can see the inscriptions on the right of the web.
It’s simple, just register on the platform (no matter it’s in Spanish, you can use a google translator).
We will wait for you and thanks for participating.

Contact me so I can help you and resolve if you have questions regarding the tournament:
Telegram: @MatiGaMeS
Discord: MatiGaMeS#5521

Att, MatiGM.


Link for the tournament page:


No habla Espanol :frowning:


“No se puede conectar con la base de datos” wat?


It was a server saturation error because of quarantine, sorry. If you get the error again, restart the page (CTRL+F5).
On the other hand, the tournament still stands, We are waiting for yours!


No matter it’s in Spanish, we speak basic English and the Google translator exist!
Come on!


It is one hour before the Curve Fever PRO tournament begins, it is the last opportunity for those who are not registered, and for those who are already, do not forget to attend!

We look forward to seeing who will be the winner!

Att: Matias.