[Unofficial] Curve Fever Pro Masters League (Season 1)



I have decided to host a big event, which will be unofficial and which will be called “Curve Fever Pro Masters League”. The format of the event will be simple: all teams play in Qualifications, best of these teams proceed to Regular Season and best teams of this to Playoffs. I will explain you in next paragraphs how the system works out.


The amount of teams is unlimited here. Everyone can sign up for Qualifications. Qualifications will be played in 3 different skill level “leagues”. That means that the signed up players will rate their skill and join one “league” out of these 3:

  • Legends League.

  • Stars League.

  • Newcomers League.

Description of each “league”:

Legends League:

This is the league for the highest skilled players, good matches are guaranteed there. I would personally recommend you to join this league if most of your team’s members are Grandmasters or upper Diamonds (let’s say 1650+ rank). Teams in Legends League also have the highest chances to proceed to Regular Season.

Stars League:

This is the league for players with mediocre skills. I would personally recommend you to join this league if most of your team’s members are lower Diamonds or Golds (1200-1650 rank would probably do it).

Newcomers League:

This is the league for players that are not so skilled yet, but with willpower they may improve. I would recommend you to join this league if most of your team’s members are lower than 1200 rank.

But how do people proceed from Qualifications to Regular Season?

Well, thanks for asking (coughs), I cannot say that very clearly yet, it depends on how many teams sign up. I will now explain you with an example of some certain amount of teams that sign up.
Let’s say 12 teams signed up for Legends League, 11 for Stars League and 9 for Newcomers League.
The teams will be somehow mixed into groups with other teams from their league. Let’s say that there will be 3 groups of 4 teams in each one in Legends League, 3 groups of 3 or 4 teams in each one in Stars League and 3 groups of 3 teams in each one in Newcomers League. Let’s say that 9 teams pass from Legends League (3 from each group), 6 from Stars League (2 from each group) and 5 from Newcomers League (winners of all groups and 2 best 2nd places). Then there would be 20 teams who would play in Regular Season. Of course, if the popularity of this event turns out to be smaller, there will just be games against all teams from their league in Qualifications.

OK, understood, but how does the system work in further event?

Let’s say that these 20 teams (This is not a clear number yet!!!) will play against each others and best of them (maybe 8) get to Playoffs and will play in a Knock-out mode to the title.

Sounds cool, how can I sign up?

Sign up by commenting on this thread or writing to me on Discord: (Faded/Shikon./Alpha#2958): " [Yourusernamehere] is joining this event. I play for Team [Yourteamnamehere]. We are playing in Legends/Stars/Newcomers League. Our team consists now of the following players: Player A, Player B, Player C, Player D. "
Note: Include your own username too to the last sentence of the sign up.
All team members need to confirm that they are in with their teammates.

Each team must have at least 3 players to participate and can have maximally 8 players in their team.
There won’t be team captains this time because I will try to contact all participants individually! :wink:

Deadline for signing up: Friday, 10th of May, 20:00 CEST (2019).
The matches begin soon after the deadline and will last probably until the end of the June.

More information will be added soon.
But for now, you can sign up even with less than 2 teammates, you can always edit your comment here! :slight_smile:



What if we sign up and we don’t come to the event because of something?


Don’t worry! We will give you time in some time period to play these matches so you can just arrange it with your team and opponents when you can play these matches! :wink:


Also, I added maximum size of a team to 8 players so there won’t be that many inactive teams sometimes.


oh ok thanks


Alpha is joining this event. I play for Team JSJP. We are playing in Legends League. Our team consists currently of the following players: Alpha, theangelov, hohoho, …


theangelov (@theangelov) is joining this event. I play for Team JSJP . We are playing in Legends League . Our team consists currently of the following players: Alpha (@Alpha) , theangelov (@theangelov) , …


You will be able to check for teams who have signed up from this spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1NblVQVXpH2HoOIL7g3uE62ArGBzjNhBaWocPAlD4hVg/edit?usp=sharing.


im in
team JSJP
(simple like in cf3)


@DefaultBoi is joining this event. I play for team (insert team name here). We are playing in the Stars League. Our team consists currently of the following players: Me (@DefaultBoi)


Dang it I play on school Chromebook and discord is blocked


same, but I have a ipad and discord isnt blocked because its mine lol.

but you can sign up here you know


Any chance I can join as a free agent of some sort? Don’t really know anyone tbh.
hide on corc#6315
For Legends League
Username: hide on corc


Sure thing! I will actually make a new list of free agents! :wink: But if you want, you can play with euro. Euro would play with you.


Also, if you are interested of this League, join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/f6JNCKA.


Well people around here, send me a message on Discord when you want to be in a team with me :stuck_out_tongue:
I actually don’t understand how this works, because how is it possible the number of members in a team is different haha… ? But I wanna play it :wink:


i am in. team JSJP


bruh why is everyone joining the JSJP team

I guess its just me against 6 people
im sad



Can I join you we should also get @property to join


sign me in in the minor league possible ,i’d like to contribute to this useful league proporsal imo,i dont care the teammates i will be inserted in
username : shap