[UNOFFICIAL][CLOSED] Winter Team Bash!



Yeeey we already made to the 2nd round :blush::laughing::grin:


lucky yall
ill change it if more people join!


Ok we will see :grin:


Looking for a team @Alpha have u got a spot for me?


Okay that’s it! Sign ups are closed and teams are final! Check schedule for teams! @Alpha @RealKenneth you have been placed in teams, we will see you all at 19:30 CET! To watch please watch on my twitch, which will stream as many games as possible. Thanks to all who have joined, and have fun tomorrow! But rememeber, paper ftw!!!


Looking forward to playing tomorrow, I got some confidence in my team, and we’re all set to take the crown of cookies!


My power went out, so I could not play, so special thanks @Robt44 for working it out! Our winner today was W.A.N.G, @Robt44 @meow @Line who bested the JB-boys in the final! Be on the lookout for the next tour, and thank you again! Again, my paper bois would have won if we all were there!
@VIDMAN signing off!
Mods close this after 1 person smak talks:)


DANG, if thought it was tomorrow ://

why didn’t anyone gimme a shout on priv, I’m here all the day


Stellan i sent a friend request on discord a couple weeks ago and dont worry,vidman will.make another awesome tournament


Dont worry @stellan ik your feeling, i missed the official tour Cuz i wasnt suppose to play it but at last minute thing changed but it was too late :frowning:


hehehe happy to win anytime, but i really owe the win to @line for carrying me


Who won?


Not true @Robt44 :joy:
Rice we won … @Robt44 @meow @Line :crown::joy::cookie:




Btw @Robt44 you havent beat me in the tour so i still have dignity xD


It was fun while it lasted


To our team only lasted 1 wretched game😂


We played good, just little mistakes, and pings through the roofs


What servers were y’all on?


i’m sorry but this is not a chat room. please take this to discord, and help keep the forum clean.

Thanks for understanding.