[UNOFFICIAL][CLOSED] Winter Team Bash!



Thats cool man! Ill need you! I can put you in a team if you want! But make sure to join soon, otherwise ill close this!


juul needs a team too tho… If he/she still wants to play… yeah but maybe good, if someone cant come… idk…


If need to be, I will change tour to 4 teams, or even a 2 team game!!!
I put Juul into RBB, yall can change name if you want. PLEASE JOIN DISCORD NOW!


hi i might be able to play but can’t really use discord. just have to figure out what plans i have. does @ManThroat still have room on his team?


@theTCHF my team is @ManThroat and @Drxp_Radioo,our team is called THE HAIRY BOYS,but if u want ,i can leave it xd and find another team :slight_smile:


We wanna join please ^-^/
Team Name: JB-Boys
Team Players: JB-King, tobster123, manlikeWachti

We are looking forward to a beautiful and christmassy tournament :gift: :christmas_tree:


Try join the discord server ,and thanks for signing up


@Paul_21cl i could play and if i dont come you could play for me. it is very iffy if i can play


Sign Ups are closed! We have 2 players without teams, that will be fixed, and we have 6 teams! thanks for joining, and lets get ready to clash! Im going to redraw the bracket, that way everyone plays someone, and it will be random!


so @Paul_21cl you want to be back up for me and most likely play
i will try to be here but if i cant make it you can play?


oh well never mind


With sign ups final, here is the final schedule!

To the JB boys and the 3 santas, You got lucky with those 1st round byes!


HAha thanks


No problem, don’t get cocky!!!


Ohh we have a hard opponent ,go hairy boys


We need to think about a replace sub for Manthroat for unless he doesn’t show up.


Alpha is available


i am available mabey i mean i was offering to join before you closed the signups


You may join, I can put you on R.B.B. Is that okay @theTCHF?


yes i just minght not be there
it all depends on whats going on