[UNOFFICIAL][CLOSED] Winter Team Bash!



The schedule is out!
Don’t worry, you still have 1 week to join! This is just the initial schedule, it will get better and complete over time!
Find it here–>


im sorry to say, but those colors make me sick.


Dang, ill fix them! What colors do you want?


black and white? then do red and green for players that are in and out. :joy:


New format! Round 1 is still single elimination, so 1 round, highest total team score wins.
Semifinal is 2 games, highest team total wins.
Final is gonna be best of 3, and you must change powers after each game.

If by Tuesday, there are only 4 teams, I will change format again :frowning: and everyone will be notified.
See you on Tuesday!


Our teamname (team-4) is “3 santas” if nobody send u that…


My team will win :wink:


We’re gonna win this


schedule looks very guud now :grin:


I did a public service, for everyones eyes.:joy:


Yeah thank you @Robt44 for making schedule not cancer.




haha thought would’ve been Vidmans work :grin:
well still guud xD


Well robt has better tastes than vid but its all ok😉


Vidbut? who dat?


I’m sorry, I won’t be able to be on the tour. I wrote this on discord also. Have a good plays.


I am in. I would appreciate, if you could reserve 1 spot for my team, I am not sure yet with who I will play. I will tell you that later.


I’m sorry guys. I can’t play in this tournament. Good luck and have a good time!


Bye Bye @Rice Now we have more opening yall so come on!


I might join the tournament