[UNOFFICIAL][CLOSED] Winter Team Bash!



Heeeellllllloooooo CFpro Lovers!!!
It’s your favorite noob VIDMAN here to entertain you with a new tour!

The Winter Team Bash!

General Information
This tour is going to be the first team tour in the history of the game! There will be 8 teams of 3, so 24 players total This number can change according to amount of sign ups. The tour will be played on December 22nd, with a start time of 19:30 CET. AGAIN, THIS MIGHT BASED ON PLAYER REQUESTS, AS THIS IS HOLIDAY SEASON :christmas_tree: Teams will be made by players, and if you don’t have a team like me, I will put you in a team.


  • 2 teams per game
  • After game ends, combine team score, team with > score advances
  • Single Elimination, So if you lose, your out :frowning:
  • all powers allowed, you may change what powers you use throughout tour


  • Please be on time with your team
  • You may use anything to talk with your team, I don’t care
  • Follow all rules of CFpro
  • Games will be played as is, with no replays due to lag or death in team
  • Please don’t be rude or complain about matches or anything else

To join, Please post it down below. Make sure to say who is on your team(and team name), or if you are not in a team yet.
Sign up by December 18th, so I can have time to make schedule, it will be posted by the 20th.
If any comments, questions, or concerns, please message me here or on Discord.
More details will be posted here as we get closer, so check back a lot!

The Paper Bois: VIDMAN @Alpha IWasInBeta
The Hairy Boys: ManThroat, Drxp_Radioo, Paul_21cl
W.A.N.G: Robt44, meow, line
3 Santas: ianice Ambroz37 T1gre
R.R.B: stellan Juul @RealKenneth
JB-Boys: JB-King tobster123 manlikeWachti

Free Agents (no teams yet)

I know with this format and amount of players that this will not take a lot of time, I just thought this would be a quick and fun thing to do on a Saturday! If many people wanna join I will let there be more teams.


  • MOD- @Robt44
  • I need someone who can record / hopefully stream
    Both of these can still play!


Thanks for reading(and joining)


Interested in joining, just got to see if i can be available around that time.


i am also interested in joining, ill have to find a team though
@Drxp_Radioo, would you like to be in a team with me?
@theTCHF, would you like to be in team with me as well?


i cant be on discord and normally cant play on weekends sorry otherwise i would sooooooo join


@ManThroat, Sure why not. I’ll be glad to tag along with you.


Im im vidboy ,i have no team yet ,i only will play for fun,its the xmas spirit
PS: some dev should do color selector at least in custom games,to play more team games


would you like to join me and @Drxp_Radioo
I dont much care for the name… you guys can choose if you want


Sure im in with u guys,just name the team😉


Lesss gooo. Count me in!


I don’t necessarily want to play or play… But I’ll play if someone doesn’t show up.
and ill just sub in for them. lol


Discord link has been added to the post, please join! Please remember, I will put you randomly in team if you do not have a full 3 players, please message me if you want to be in a specific team @Robt44 @IWasInBeta

:confetti_ball: WE HAVE 1 FULl TEAM!!! :confetti_ball:


@VIDMAN, @Paul_21cl is with us btw


Im in, but with anyone, i let you chose for me


@Drxp_Radioo and @Paul_21cl, here’s the discord


The time has changed to 19:30 CET for popular demand. If you can’t do that, please message me…


im in. don’t have a team


i am in with u pls :stuck_out_tongue:


I am in. Who wants to join my team? Can i play with my master (hohoho) ?


@Line join this tournament pls, its all for xmas spirit🤗


I am in too, I am teaming up with @Ambroz37. So we still need another team member. So you’re invited to join xD