[Unofficial] Camp Competition


Recently, a new patch was launched and a brand new Camp mode was also part of the newest changes.Past few days have shown that camping is really hyped up and we think that it would be good to create some competition for that. That is why, @Shen and me have decided to host an unofficial camping contest.

Everyone will be allowed to take part in the competition but you need to have a minimum amount of 100 games played in order to be eligible to earn a reward. Please also note that at least 50 players will need to participate in order to have rewards for this tournament.

The competition will take place from 24th of January, 01.00 CET until 12th of February, 23.59 CET.


*Try to survive as long as you can at camp mode.

*You will be given 30 minutes, plus your last attempt, for making your best camp. If you need to go while competing, you can resume your session some other time as long as you also plan it with recorders.

*Extra time can be given if bugs occur. Same goes for lags and server reboots.

*Meanwhile, a recorder of the competition will record your camping session and will post your best camp to YouTube with your song request(s).

*Only 1 entry is allowed by person, which means that you can only compete once in this competition.

*Any skins are allowed to be used for the competition.

*Under no circumstances should you cheat! Cheating will cause automatic disqualification from the contest.

*You can use any tactic for camping (half camp, full camp etc.). Just try to survive for the longest time you can.

*Only records of the competition can record you, other recordings will not be accepted.

*Please do not share your result with other people after you have competed. We will release all the results in the end.

Please note that organizers of this have the final word and these rules might be modified (if there will be need for that).

If you want to compete, please contact 1 of the recorders and come on an agreement with them on date and time.

@Alpha - Friendly neighbourhood SpiderMan#0075

@Shen - Exiran#7644

@theangelov - #theangelov#0571 (won’t have that much time to record)

@hunter50756 - hunter50756#9789

@hohoho - hohoho#4050 (won’t record but can help you)

If you wish to help us out, as well, and become a recorder, please contact me or @Shennie and we will discuss about requirements needed for that position.

Prizes (if over 50 players participate):

1st place - 500 gems

2nd place - 350 gems

3rd place - 300 gems

4th place - 250 gems

5th place - 200 gems

6th place - 150 gems

7th place - 100 gems

8th place - 75 gems

9th place - 50 gems

10th place - 25 gems

I also want to mention that if I were to end up in top 10 of the competition, I will give my prize to the next one so then top 11 would get prizes.

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact one of the staff members.

See you on camping field,

Shen’ & Python


Gremlin has joined the Staff of the competition. He will be providing us with some minor help.

We also have 2 new recorders: Bozzy (Bozzy#7555) and Rypherio (Rypherio#4659).



35 players have participated already which means that 15 more will be needed in order to get rewards and we got 5 days left.

This means that it is time to start camping! Many people told me that they want to do it on the last 2 days so I think that it is better if you already do it on the week days because recorders might not have that much time on the last days of the competition.

However, we also had a situation with 1 player and we have decided to introduce 2 new rules to this competition:

  1. Once you start competing, you cannot withdraw from it.

  2. You accept all the rules mentioned in the forum post (even your video being published on YouTube) by competing. (edited)