[Unofficial] Back to School Tourney (8/4/18), Sign Up (!)



While we students go back to school, I’ll be here to let you know that there will be a tourney held in August 4th. Here are the rules:

General Rules:

  • The maximum ship level is 5.

  • The maximum amount of players per room (in FFA) is 5-6.

  • There are 3 games per round.

  • Cheating is not allowed, where as to doing it will make you disqualified.

  • At the end of each game, the winner must post a screenshot of the results on #tournament-results on Discord. If the winner can’t be able to post one out, then the other players must post it. If failure to do so, then the game must restart.

  • For every game, you must use a different combination and insert them in the spreadsheet.

  • This tourney will consist of FFA/Friendly Fever, Dual/Close-Range Confront, and Team/Bomb Blast games - Finale Force is also a game that is in the finals. Each one of these has separate rules in the tournament.

  • Any player can be able to post a video on the community highlights, as long as you show which round you’re recording at.

FFA/Friendly Fever Rules:

  • Any module is allowed in FFA as long as you bring a fever. These include: Thick, Lo-Rez, Repulse, Speedy, Steerless, Trippy, and Invert Fever.

  • The addends of points will be added together after each round - it will decide the final position for each player. If 2+ players tie in the same amount of points, then they must add the position values. The smaller position amount will get a better position.

  • Each position will receive you a certain amount of points: 1st - 6 pts., 2nd - 5 pts., 3rd - 4 pts., 4th - 3 pts., 5th - 2 pts., and 6th - 1 pt.

  • You are not allowed to team in FFA. This is only for Team games.

Dual/Close-Ranged Confront Rules:

  • Any module is allowed as long as you bring a close-ranged module. These include: Scatter Shot, Brake, Zap, Jump, Angle Turn, Shield, Speed Burst, Thin, and Hide Self (Invisibility).

  • The Speed and Zap combination is not allowed in duels unless if two players both agree to use them.

  • The winner is the player who gets more points than the other player - add the points for each game in order to decide who will prevail to the next round.

  • If it’s a tie, then a Sudden Death Round will take place. If there’s a tie in Sudden Death, then the winner is decided by a coin flip.

Team/Bomb Blast Rules:

  • Any module is allowed as long as you bring an explosive module. These include: Time Bomb, Stealth Mine, Trigger Bomb, and Mine.

  • Any regular intended teamkilling will result in team disqualification - whereas it’s considered cheating.

  • Each team game will be in 2 versus 2 or 3 versus 3. The format will decide which team game will be played.

  • Using the sum of all of the players’ team points, the winning team will be decided based off of the greater amount of team points.

  • If both teams tie, then they must add the position values to see the smaller position number.

  • If a tie takes place in position and points, then a coin flip must be present.

Finals/Finale Force Rules:

  • This is a mode similar to FFA, but the players will be going to the finals by a victory from the last round.

  • You can use any module as long as you bring any shot, fever, or bomb.

  • Just like in FFA, the position places will give you certain points to determine your final position.

  • If 2+ players tie in 1st place, 2nd place, or 3rd place - then the position values must be added. The smallest position sum will advance in position.

Say ‘I’m in!’ with you username if you want to participate.

Tourney Held: August 4th, 2018 on 20:00 CEST thru 22:00 CEST. (GMT +2) (AKA 14:00 EST)
Sign Up Deadline: August 3rd, 2018 on 6:00 CEST. (GMT +2)


  1. 12217411 (Me)
  2. Paul_21cl/ Chileanway (Curve Fever Pro Name)
  3. Robt44
  4. Hohoho
  5. xThauron
  6. Durt
  7. Alpha
  8. 44FrenchFries (Volunteer)

Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1B3bd0K1duazWfUq_TdV04YFmnQVbT3jwMdg-59zLt1Y/edit?usp=sharing

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looks cool, I won’t be able to join at that time. In what country do you go to school that starts at the 6th of August?


In the U.S. in North Carolina.


is that only in North Carolina or all over the US? And is it a college or a high school, or how does it work?


Sorry about that. I meant by where I live in general. My bad. :joy: Plus, my school doesn’t start on August 6th. It’s just that the date is in the month of Open House (August 22nd). I’m going to 8th grade.


i’d say im in if the tour was held in a weekend ,i can friday at 0:00 cest,not possible for the majority.I think some people hasnt lvl 5 yet :),but this tourney looks good,good luck m8


Okay then. I’l hold this in August 3rd, 4th, 5th, or the 10th.


hmm this is the 4th and 20:00 CEST?


if yes im in




ok nice :slight_smile:


I am in! :slight_smile:


I’m in! I should be available that Saturday!


I’m in!


i invited my friend to play it

also is the sheet soon ready?


hmm i have question. do we need to use different combo every game or every round? and can we use the same combo 2 time?


I wanna try


You need a different combo for every game.



12217411, Chileanway, Robt44, and Hohoho at Room A1
xThauron, Durt, Alpha, and 44FrenchFries at Room A4


do you have a spreadsheet?