[Unofficial] Autumn Tourney (9/15/2018), Sign Up (!)



I’ll play


ill join plox


So date changed but will original participants be still in ;D?
I might have the time to play :smiley: but count me in if it goes close…


I’m in :relaxed::blush:


Does anybody else want to join?


Guess it is too late now xD … but i would be in


Has the date changed again or am I missing something?


Ok I am in :slight_smile:! GL HF


I guess most of us that signed missed it (to me), but I’ll think about making another one or update the time later.


I think this was little lost coz how many times dates were changed :astonished:
I didn’t have time after all… Sunday evening is better option xd…

Maybe you @Stardust-12217411 should start new tournament with whole new case :smiley: it’s hard to keep interest in if no idea how many players are in ;o…


I completely forgot about it cos there wasn’t anything posted on Discord about it. I don’t usually look at the forums.


Haha, i was there and like nobody was playing the tour … and i was like WTF :joy: cmon guys this might have been the best tour ever :joy: --> nobody shows up LOL :joy: just too funny