[Unofficial] Autumn Tourney (9/15/2018), Sign Up (!)



Hey, everyone! Ready for fall? Well, you might want to join to the ‘Autumn Tourney’. It’s not an ordinary tourney - it’s an event where up to 36 players can battle to see who will be the ultimate champion. There are 6 rounds to master with each of them having various limits and restrictions - along with several rules to follow:

General Rules:

  • The maximum ship level is 5.

  • The maximum amount of players per room (in FFA) is 5-6.

  • There are 2 games per round.

  • Cheating and big lags are not allowed, where as to doing it will make you disqualified.

  • At the end of each game, the winner must post a screenshot of the results on #tournament-results on Discord. If the winner can’t be able to post one out, then the other players must post it. If failure to do so, then the game must restart.

  • For every game, you can do any combination you’d want (as long as you don’t break the 2nd rule below about modules and zones).

  • This tourney will consist of Normal, Chill, Blitz, Classic, Pacifist, and Speedy.

  • If any module is in the Safe Zone (completely allowed), then you can use the module for at least one round. If it’s in Moderate Zone (limited), then you could only use it once per round - if you use it once, then you lose 20% of the points you received at the game you used it in - and when you use it twice, then you’ll lose 50% of the points you received on the game you used it in. Any module in the Danger Zone (banned) means that you can not use it whatsoever - if you do use it once, you will lose 50% of the points you received in the game you used it in - if you use it the whole round, then you will be disqualified. At the Bonus Zone (used for ‘extra credit’), you can use the modules shown in order to get extra points.

  • You are not allowed to team in this tourney. You can be disqualified for teaming.

  • The host’s job is to monitor what modules are used for each player (including his/herself), if any of the modules can be used (by consensus), etc.

  • Any player can be able to post a video on the community highlights, as long as you show which round you’re recording at.

Round 1 (Normal) Rules:

  • Any module is allowed in Normal Round.

  • The addends of points will be added together after each round. If 2+ players tie, then a coinflip must be present.

  • If you use a fever, Homing Missile, or Jump - you can get 10 extra points for the sum (they’re in the Bonus Zone).

Round 2 (Chill) Rules:

  • Fevers are in the Safe Zone in Chill Round. Bullets, Mines, Jump, Brake, Angle Turns, and Thin are in the Moderate Zone. The rest of the modules (i.e. Zap, Shield, etc.) are in the Danger Zone.

  • The modules in the Bonus Zone are Lo-Rez Fever and Thick Fever (you’ll receive 10 extra points for the round - not for each game - if you use any of them).

  • If a tie of 3+ players take place, then a random generator must be present (to decide the random player to advance).

  • If a tie of two takes place, then a coin flip must be present.

Round 3 (Blitz) Rules:

  • Mines and Shots (except for Double and Scatter) are in the Safe Zone in Blitz Round. The ones in the Moderate Zone are L.A.S.R., Homing, Trigger Bomb, Zap, and Brake. The ones that are in Danger Zone are Scatter, Double, Speed, and Shield. The rest of the modules are in the Bonus Zone (you’ll get 10 extra points).

  • The Speed and Zap combination is not allowed in Blitz unless if all players agree to use them. If by consensus, then Zap and Speed are in the Safe Zone.

  • If it’s a tie between 2+ players, then a random generator must be present.

Round 4 (Classic) Rules:

  • You can bring any module as long as you bring the original combination that your ship received (if a Level 5 ship has 4 modules, then the player can only use the ones in that level - or if the Level 7 ship only has one module, then the player can use it with another modules as long as he/she use another module with it).

  • If you don’t follow the above rule, then you can’t receive the points you got in one of the games you did this in - if you do it twice, then you will be disqualified.

  • If 2+ players tie, then a random generator must be present.

Round 5 (Pacifist) Rules:

  • Any non-offensive module (i.e. Jump, Shield, etc.) are in the Safe Zone. Any close-ranged offensive module are in the Moderate Zone. The rest of the offensive modules are in the Danger Zone.

  • No modules are in the Bonus Zone. However, if you use the modules in the Safe Zone without using any limited module in this round, then you’ll get 10 extra points.

  • If a tie of 2+ players take place, then a random generator must be present.

Round 6 (Speedy) Rules:

  • Any module is allowed as long as you bring a ‘fast’ module (Speedy Fever or Speed Burst).

  • The modules in the Bonus Zone are Scatter, Stealth Mine, any fever, and Trigger Bomb. You’ll get 10 extra points if you use them for at least one time.

  • If there’s a tie in 1st, 2nd, and/or 3rd place - then a random generator must be present until no one ties up in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd.

Say ‘I’m in!’ if you want to participate.


  1. 12217411 (me)
  2. Paul_21cl/Chileanway
  3. NoFlavor
  4. Heya
  6. AmneziaTIFC
  7. Squidward
  8. Zed
  9. Caracoleh767
  10. Line

Tourney Held: September 15th, 2018 at 20:00 CEST - 22:30 CEST (GMT +2)
Sign In Deadline: September 14th, 2018 at 6:00 CEST

Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1gV4AkGf2cyk-hyiOa_lsahv-NQRpYEmioI4fNhiQdHk/edit#gid=1123427862
(Credits to 44FrenchFires for the making)

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this is in 5 months! I don’t think you need a plan that far in advance, and you do not know how the game will change by then. especially with this new update coming out. I would suggest waiting a little bit.


I see… How about in 2-3 months?


I still think that’s a little bit excessive; because there could still be some changes, but I still think that would be better than 5 months. also since you will have the people that sign up now and then in 5 months will completely forget about it. I don’t think it’s a good idea; things come up in real life and sometimes you can’t plan for.

I would say a month would be enough time.


I can see your point. Five months is too much, but one month would be just enough for everyone to get ready without forgetting. I edited the date errors because of your concerns. Thanks! :+1:


how old r u,u should be cfp tournament moderator in that case,we need enthusiastic people like u.I’M IN,(cant guarantee anything if i die these upcoming months)


wow! that went from enthusiastic to dark very quick.:joy::scream:


This sounds super interesting. Count me in! :grin:


I’m in, but…

I rather have notification when it’s closer xD don’t know my schedule that far to be certain :smile:



We’ll probably get reminded on Discord :smiley:


im in :slight_smile:


Note: Last Day to sign up for the ‘Back to School Tourney’ by August 3rd at 6:00 CEST


why only have the signup till the Back to School tournament? there is still a complete month (use the time up), and you should be able to get more people within that time… unless you only want five people in the tournament. I mean everyone would make it to the finals. what kind of tournament is that? someone could do horribly, and later just win the final game then they win whole entire tournament.


Sorry about that if this confused you. I was putting the link into this one so I can get more participants. I wasn’t planning to end the signup (The Autumn Tourney) right at the same time of the Back to School Tourney’s deadline. That would be a stupid idea to just end it right away. Also, I’m not of that type of person who wanted just 5 people in the tourney. That wouldn’t share a purpose.


Note: I apologize, but I changed the tourney date from September 1st to September 15th due to a lack of participants.


Another Note: There is a tourney edit and several more entries for the tourney. If you wanted to join in, say ‘I’m in!’


3rd Note: Whenever you post a video on YouTube, call me ‘Stardust’ instead of my real username (since it’s too long).


I’m back from a 12 day break (finally), but there’s 7 days left to sign up, so if you want to participate, you are free to sign up.


I want all tournament. Then i will play.


I’m in