[Unofficial] Angle/ Back Tele Tournament


:mega: Information

Hi all! This tournament is an ffa style tournament which will take place on the 26th of October. The style of the tournament is blue powers only, and the aim of it is free for all who can get highest score in 3. You have to be gold ranked plus and lvl 44+ (to avoid smurfs), however 1 of your powers is required to be angle or instead it could be back teleport as both of those powers are considered difficult to use. Tournament starts: 2022-10-26T18:00:00Z
The sum of 3 games is what decides whether you are disqualified, or you made it through

:cfp: Game settings

  • max 6 players
  • Turrets
  • Unranked
  • Pickups ON
  • FFA format

:memo: Sign-up

Two ways to sign up:
Option A: Post a comment beneath this post saying ‘I am in as @your_username
Option B: Message me on discord INTRA#1012
Sign-up deadline: 2022-10-26T16:30:00Z
36 people are allowed in Max!

:construction: Schedule

:trophy: Prizes

Unfortunately I am unable to give away prizes like mods can, but if mods can make prizes it would be appreciated :smiley:

:exclamation::grey_exclamation::exclamation: RULES :exclamation::grey_exclamation::exclamation:
*Read carefully
Timing- Be on time, a host may delay 2 minutes max so better be early :stopwatch:
Cheating- No cheating is allowed, is it worth it for no real prizes?
If there is any cheating I will watch the replay and decide whether the user accused should be disqualified and banned from next tournament I host.
Results -Hosts Message the results under discord with a screenshot or if they have no access to discord under this post

*Just me (INTRA#1012) at discord
However if you’d like to be a part of this and help me host I’d like 3 more people to help out but I have to trust and know them :smiley:

-Any issues let me know, otherwise have fun curving!!!


Tell me if there are any stupid mistakes in the post if you spot any :smiley:


I am in as @Bleed.


Ty are you happy to host some matches or not?


I will try to my beautiful Intra <3






i am in as @GetJinxed


ok :smiley:


hi, [email protected]##82061 in curvefever.pro


You misspelled smurf.


i am in as Alex


If another 15 people don’t join I’l have 2 cancel or delay to 29th october


I’m afraid I’m going to cancel the tournament due to lack of interest, sry guys :frowning: :cry:


I’ll join if you can convince more people xd


I’m afraid the tournament has been cancelled, however you can copy and paste this forum and re-host it yourself