[UNOFFICIAL] 4 vs. 4 Draft Tournament!


Hi everyone,

This Sunday (29th of May), at 19.00 CEST, we will be hosting a 4v4 team draft tournament in the Teams mode! It will be an unofficial tournament, which means that signups and drafting will happen in the unofficial tournament server: https://discord.gg/SQ2F8ahWxa. You can sign up in the unofficial tournaments #sign-up channel or by contacting me in any way. The deadline for signing up is on this Sunday, at 18.00 CEST.

Teams will consist of 4 roles:

2x Killers: Speed Burst/any Fever + anything;

2x Survivalists: any combination of Blue powers.

The tournament will start with a short qualification where you will play 2 FFA games in which the goal is to get the longest total survival time in a game. The best survivalist in a game gets 0 points, the 2nd best gets 1 point, 3rd best gets 2 points etc. Your 2 scores will be summed, and people with too many points will be knocked out of the tournament. The amount of eliminations will depend on the signups, but will be clear once the schedule is released.

NOTE: If you are knocked out in qualifications, you still have a decent chance to get in the tournament as a reserve if someone else goes missing during the drafting or even during the event. So you would be greatly appreciated if you could stay available as a reserve.

After qualifications, the player list + captain order will be announced on the unofficial tournaments server and they will take turns sending their picks in the picking channel. The captains pick as follows:

2nd members picked in order of lowest to highest captain;

3rd members picked in order of highest to lowest captain;

4th members picked in order of lowest to highest captain.

The teams will play according to the schedule that will be released after drafting in the unofficial tournaments server. If you would like to help make the power rankings, you can directly message me on Discord (Friendly neighbourhood SpiderMan#0075) to become a jury member.

There will probably be gem prizes for top 3 teams of this tournament. More information on this will follow soon.

Looking forward to seeing some nice team gameplay, hope to see you there! Python (& Isar)


I guess it was too much work for rojoss to enable all players to be able to play teams on tour day despite their VIP status. Would be a nice way of getting some traction for teams mode. Oh well… Guess players will be forced to play teams in ffa.


Didnt read it yet but im in as Wormy


If any of you are wondering, usual rules still apply to this tournament.

  • Be on time. A host may delay the match for 3 minutes from the start time. 1. tier 28 from Battlepass. If possible, it would be appreciated, if you saved it to the tournament day. (edited)
  • No compensation for bugs or lag and no rematches.
  • Cheating is not allowed in any form or circumstance.
  • Winner posts the match results in the Unofficial Tournaments of Curve Fever Pro Discord #results. This can be done either with a screenshot or by typing “!lastmatch [your username]” .
  • The organization always have the last word.


Some news about the tournament this evening. We have decided to have only 8 captains for this tournament for some reasons. Which means, that most of you will have to pass qualifications. Qualifications: all blue modules are allowed, points won’t matter, only your Survival time statistic matters (for each game, you will receive [your survived time in seconds/maximum survived time of a person in your lobby in seconds] points, those points will be summed up (there will be 3 games) and best 24 players make it to the Main Event.

So, I strongly recommend training FFA with blue powers where you just try to survive for as long as you could (preferrably unranked matches because points will not matter at all).

Schedule is also ready and will be published after the deadline for signing up.

We hope to see all of you tonight in the tournament!


https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1NJcPbWh4KiJmqt2vIFBLgD6oTFuuJNT9xds_VBPqu-Y/edit?usp=sharing <-- Schedule! :smile: Make sure that you will not focus on points in Qualifications but focus on getting as high Survival time as you can! Only blue modules will be allowed there!