(Unofficial) 2v2 -Tournament




Hello i know i have never made a tour and this a not a big one its a small one but i/@sHaDoWzX am hosting it. Its basicly a 2v2v2 but has a confusing format which u will see in Schedule.

Feel free to invite your friends :smiley: the more the better.


1.be on time
2. no excuses about bugs or in-game lag


1.On this forum reply im in as ______ (your in-game username)
signup deadline is 30 min. before it starts
Tounament starting 5/30/2020 , 12:00, (GMT-05:00) Central Time (US& Canada)


Will be posted 10 min. before tour starts.

Play with a teamate u may have a runner up if your teamate doesn’t show up they may play just let me know who they are.
Happy Curving! Hoping to see you in the tournament and may the best team win!


Im in as Ten with @Mostafa


Im in as piotr3pl with kingmidas


When is this CET? (it’s a good idea to always include CET, since majority of community is European. )


woah didnt think good players will play this pff


wait are there prizes ? i hope not


It will be at 6 pm in CET and if anyone wonders about prizes, there won’t be any mostly because i have 38 gems only :joy: but also because my teamate mostafa wants to know that if we do win then we will win and be happy that we won. and not just because of some reward.


In game-lag is a very credible excuse :unamused:


nvm its 7pm im pretty sure plus why cant u guys google these things xD


Btw if anyone wants to vulinteer to help with the sched. with me then please do so also we got are sched. format from @Line! So Thank You @Line so much!


is it am?
If it is 1 pm for me i will join with aron


I am in as aron 2.0 and Nick26f


I am in as DAVID 123 and Elias


Goltron and Meow are in!


im changing the sign up deadline they are at the end of today
then sign ups end at 12am tonight


@Curver is looking for a teamate if u are interested reply to this kk


Curver asked me to sign him and @Xandyman up!


i am in as meow with goltron


tommorrow if anyone wants to vulinteer to help me with the schedule not making it just adding in the names just let me know kk!


i made will not make it 'cause i randomly have soccer at 1 and it is raining i hope i will join