[UNOFFICAL] Tournament Holes



Welcome to the Unofficial Holes tour! With the first tour, I tried to host there were way too many problems with it so I am going to cancel that one and start this one! we do have a working sheets page this time here is the LINK.

:warning: Rules

  • Video- LINK
  • If you can not make it sign out before the tour starts.
  • Contact @daRealPig if you have any questions

New prizes!

Just to make known this is not a garentee
1st 400 :gem:
2nd 190 :gem:
3rd a high five :hand:

:timer_clock: Time and Date

  • March 14th, 14:30 EST

:ambulance: Organization Team

Hope to see you in the tournament! Until then, Happy Curving! :cfp:
Good Luck everyone!

$25 Gift card trading and giveaway!

14:30 what timezone? Also, not gonna make it, it’s on my birthday :confused:


Well Happy Birthday! and big rip…
Also just did that edit it is eastern


Can we do a poll for the date like there was for the last one?


what would be better? I might need to change it anyways there is a chance it would be put back a day.


14th or the 7th, or 6th


Yeah, the 14th is best for me


ok! you guys in or what!


I’m in! Gl hf everyone!


I can be in depending on the date


Time Changed


Wait… 12:30? Or is it 14:30


it should be 14:30


trash date.


I am in as Magician.


I am in as CurveMaster.


i saw another person called ‘Curvemaster’ hmm u sus


Guys don’t forget to click the “going” button at the top. Six players are in btw


Im in as Mystic Gohan. Not gonna lie, I never know when EXACTLY the date/time is. I think its 2:30 where I live. And the 14th is a monday right?


It’s a Sunday