Unlimited uses of all unlocked powers for everyone!


No need screenshots @lazerbeam, there are many people here that are frustrated about using weapons they don’t like just because they have no energy left on the ones they love :wink:


This was indeed a problem everyone had, and it can also fix this bug


i 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000% know this is not real, i pinched my self… im not dreamiing… I HAVE TO GET HURT MORE TO WAKE UP! -jumps off cliff-


this game is now my favorite



We almost need a countdown for this :joy:
Damn that announcement changed a lot :heart: 15 mins to go haha :joy:


Dude same!


Wow! it’s the worst change I ever seen in recent gaming… :frowning: I’m really disapointed by you guys. Going back to system were people will play only two powers and the rest is useless? No puching to mastery? After such a good system which fixed that?

I literatelly STOP playing this game…


Lets see first, and than judge the update. There have been many downdates to this game a lot of people didnt like. We will see




I wonder why you would think that, personally i really enjoy to mix the modules i play with up a little bit. But the thing was that I was forced to do so… now I can choose to do what ever i prefer… this might as well increase the amount of high skilled players cause everyone will get better at what they like to use