Unlimited uses of all unlocked powers for everyone!




Will you then only get XP from the crates? I feel like battle points or something would be cool … otherwise they do not really have that much of a value once you have a higher lvl


You kinda get battle points for crates anyway as you get the +80 for gold etc,


True didn’t think of that


How is the battlepass affected in this story? :thinking:



old players go way farther back than you think :slight_smile:. We would need a real good update for the true old players to come back since they took away knockout mode and made too many downdates instead of updates


Nick is one of the oldest in the game :joy: betatesters <3 hopefully more of them will come back


oh lol yeah but still I hope everyone from the old days comes back


I would like to hope too, but that will not happen. Each update is like a new game, so some people were definitely in love only with some certain version. Arena version (with kills) was probably the best, so I understand why some people stopped playing cf pro after it was updated. But personally I like current version except for locked powers. So soon there will be a time to enjoy favourite combos again!


Not much, only that energy rewards in the Battle Pass will be replaced with something else (not sure with what yet, probably XP or BXP).


Are all of my powers that I currently have (about 40 of each) just gonna be lost or is it gonna be transferred into something else?


Lost. If we could use them for something then people wouldn’t want to play even more than before.


This is sweet, I will love this FOREVER!!


No, they are not gonna be lost. They will be converted into infinite.


only know the powers will go to the same place where the coins went off


This will the best update!


Such a great news. I love it!


Please convert all my accumulated energy into gems.
1 energy --> 1 gem


I would love the new update! it would help me considering how many times i don’t have any recharged and have to use some that i don’t want to. I am sorry but i cannot put a pic because i dont know how