Unlimited uses of all unlocked powers for everyone!


Hello awesome people! :wave:

I have some exciting news!

We noticed that not all of you are big fans of the energy system, and some of you have brought up some very pertinent arguments as to why you don’t like it.

We have heard you and decided to remove the energy system!

What does this mean exactly?

No more energy - no more power points - unlimited uses for the powers you have unlocked!

This change will be part of the update happening next Wednesday (most likely).

We suggest you use up all that stored energy before Wednesday when it will be removed from the game. Energy left in your account at the time of the update will be removed and not converted to a different currency.

The new update
Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 12-02-2019 | 1.6.1

wow is this real


am i dreaming


no, you are not dreaming :slight_smile:


I KNEW IT :heart: LOVIN IT … i would kiss ya but you guys r kinda far away :joy::kissing_heart:


we accept kisses via the internet :heart:




Wow then im back


Okay, this one was needed to stay alive. :slight_smile: biglike


Wow I seriously had stopped playing because of ‘energy’ I might be back now. :wink:


FINALLY WE AREN’T BEING PUNISHED FOR PLAYING THE GAME!!! I hope devs have enough monetisation for other fields to justify this. I know talking to others a lot of people would be interested in buying it.

Also, I was just wondering if it would be possible to add gems to the prize pool for tournaments? It would be nice if we could sponsor official tournaments to increase the prize pool and increase the intensity!


Wow. I think this should bring a lot of old players back! Including me :slight_smile:


The best news ever,welcome old players back :wink:and devs please consider take one fever module off from the ship equipment,that’ll benefit the fairness about spamming,thx
PS:replace energy charge prize from battle pass




How do you plan to monetize the game then? the battle pass? game modes?


We are not planning to focus on monetization at this time, we want to make the game as fun as possible and make it a game where in which you can easily make new friends :slight_smile:

So, to answer your questions, as of next week you will only be able to spend gems on the battle pass, on skins, opening crates early or purchasing the XP for next level directly or for the XP boost (to unlock new powers faster).


#infinitetriggerlaser :heart_eyes:




I cant play that much anymore…no robot for me:(


yaaaaayyyyy im so happy