Unfriend feature


Hey :slight_smile:

about half of my friend requests are relatively random, i.e. i had no conscious situation as to why they’d like to be friends with me. But anyhow that alone is not a problem. I think i’m a positive open minded person and if someone wants to befriend me in cvp, hell, why not. But rarely ppl turn out to be annoying or share beliefs or attitudes, be it political, religious or similar and you just cannot be friends with and it only turns out later.

Anyhow, if there’s the befriend feature there should be the unfriend counterpart. Could be realized by typing /unfriend username in the friend search column, maybe then /confirm or similar.

Happy curves!



Yes there is one
just right click the username and select unfriend


Like what @ASIAN_REXY said right click and simply unfriend ur amigo.


Thank youuuuuu! =)