Unfair fever cooldowns



some people have 2 fevers equipped and literally filled the map with fevers and gained soooo many points. the cooldown SHOULD be longer because its really unfair

edit: im so dumb lol


Have you looked at the calendar and seen which day is today :joy:


Wouldn’t that be cool to implement this mode to customs? so you can choose new one, survival, normal and this crazy one!




It was cool, although didnt notice it till my 4th game,:joy: im still sleepy i guess


omg lol i was so confused because i was looking at the balancing thing yesterday

ugggghhhhhhh im so stupid! :rofl:


That’s really surprising, lol. You know they wouldn’t make it THAT broken on accident, right? :joy:


is this also parto of the april fools joke?


i got it about 3 times for 1st and 3rd


yea lol :stuck_out_tongue:


i played some really op games today


Did those op games have anything to do with the op cooldowns? :joy:


lol yes the crabclaw strategy was soooo unfair and hide self was legit hilarious


Yes! That should be a new game mode.