Two weeks of new game modes!


OK thanks!


Wait so every couple days(2-3 days) there will be a new game mode?


We can’t say yet.
We have put most effort in creating FFA, but we want to try out a few other modes/variations. It really depends how quick we can finish everything but expect at least one or two more modes in the upcoming weeks(s).


Oh ok


It did seem like a lot for a new game mode every 3 days :slight_smile:




Have a good time all of ya!!!


The new mode is much laggier than what I normally experience. It’s hard to aim when you don’t know where people are going to actually go.


new mode for me 0 lags! much better than last :slight_smile: I now top 6 :wink:


Lol havnt played this game in ages, went from bronze 6 to silver 4 in 3 games