Two weeks of new game modes!


Hi everyone,

First, we’d like to thank you for being the first to embark on the journey that is Curve Fever Pro, with us. It’s been awesome to read and collect your feedback so far, and we hope to keep hearing from you as the journey continues.

New game modes

As the month since release went by, we recognised the need for many new features, changes, fixes and balance tweaks. One of those requests is a request for new game modes. That’s why, in the next two weeks, we’ll be rolling out a few new game modes.

How it will work

You can expect to play something new every couple of days. However, you will not be able to switch between game modes on the fly. The reason for this is simple: although this wonderful community is growing, we have not yet reached the point where we can sustain multiple game modes running side by side with the amount of players Curve Fever Pro currently has.

Rank reset

With new game modes, also come changes to the ranking system. Therefore, all current ranks will be reset. The rankings will be saved on the forum, however: the top 1000 players eternalised in our hall-of-fame. If you want to ensure your name is on the board, you can play for your current rank until Thursday, April 5th, 13:00 CET. At 13:00 a snapshot will be made of all ranks, of which the top 1000 will be displayed on the forum.

The first new game mode

The first new game mode is called FFA Pro, in which you play through six rounds and fight/survive to get the most points. Whoever gets the most points by the end of the 6th round, wins the match! It’s an exciting game mode, and we’d love to hear what you think about it.

FFA Pro goes live April 5th. Be sure to stick around for more updates and news regarding the new game modes, and join the discussion in the appropriate threads!


We’re working on a lot more than these new game modes, such as an expansive social feature-set, ways to share your favourite in-game moments with your friends, and much more. Curve Fever Pro will be expanded and improved upon for a long time to come, so stay tuned :slight_smile:

Have fun!

The Hidden Monster Games-team

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Awesome news, you made me excited to come back to cfp! Gotta be on that first hall of fame ofcourse😎




YEEESSS!!! :sparkles::tada: :confetti_ball:


"With new game modes ,also come changes to the ranking system " are you saying you will be implementing an entirely new ranking system ?


They are saying that within the next 2 weeks we will be laboratory :monkey: for different game modes…
If we like one of them most maybe it will stay maybe not…
testing testing testing

These fools should pay us 4 this :fu:

At least I can f+++ around a lil bit during this time, If I could take bets on this :poop: I would pay everybody 3:1 that they will fail on the longrun :eyes:


Rip top 100 then for me xd from next update


Finally people will stop targetting and will actually try and play with a brain!!!

In another note, “top 1000”??? Do that many people even play? XD


i should’ve stopped playing the other day and held my rank 11… let’s hope i can get it back before the reset!


:crazy_face: played 3 games two second places one first and sunddenly I was on Rank 24 no idea how this is possible, because before that I was not even in the top 100 rather something yellow with an 1 inside…

It´s just ridic… so for the healing of your ego it doesnt matter what rank you have for stupid screenshot because it doesn´t show your skill at all :exploding_head:


probably meant top 100


HMM I don’t know about that lel


Did you mean CEST instead of CET?
I guess CEST is your office’s current timezone, hence the question.


It’s CEST indeed.

No top 1000 :yum:

Yup, a slower system more similar to CF2, so the rank change will be less extreme and some issues we had with the current system will also be gone.
More details about the rank system will be posted later most likely.


Reads similar to cf2, is hyped instant.


I like what I read there.


Awesome idea! :smiley:


So what are the reasonings behind how the rank system reacts to your game(not pointing something bad out just asking)


Basically we use ELO with a k factor of 30. This means that we make an estimation of the result you should get compared to the opponents you play, and if you do better than we expect, you get plus points, and if you do worse, you get minus points.

Now we also take into account how many games your opponent has played. So if it is an opponent that has played no games at all, your result against him will have no impact on the points you gain or loose (so if a player has 0 games played, it won’t matter for you if he finishes before or after you). once he has played 1 game, he will have a little impact on your ranking, untill many games played, then we are certain about his rank and he will have the same impact on your ranking as other opponents.

Then we also have a very high rank point change multiplier for beginner players, so we can get beginner players quickly on their right rank level and be matched with equal powerful opponents

To make sure players won’t jump straight into the 2000 mark, once a player has reached a rank over 1400, he/she will not be able to gain more than 30 points. So this means that a ‘pro’ can’t create a new account and be top 10 immediately.

To make sure players are not demotivated playing, we have some of the starting points converted into bonus points, for new players. Those bonus points are given back to the player during his first few matches, but each extra match will have less and less bonus points. Until all of his bonus points are depleted.

Finally, after a player has not played for over a week, he will experience a daily rank decay, so that the top players keep motivated to play daily.

System points after match?