Two bugs : Air Death and no turret after death



thrid round here :
-> beautiful air death from cyan !

last round here :
-> no turret for red afther death


Was this a custom game?


Custom games don’t have turrets at all anja…smh


as for the other Match Green and cyan both air deathed at round 3


oh lmao nvm I thought it said no turrets after death so I assumed no one got turrets, didn’t read at all lmao


Are you sure they air-deathed? I die from a very small piece of curve i just happened to not notice until it was too late pretty often.


Same. Someone explodes and from the explosion it might have cut a line but no the full line. There is just a sliver of line left that you dont see.


Turret after death should be fixed.
For air deaths there are plenty other topics so closing this one.

Next time please one topic per bug.

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