Turrets nerfed is bad



Seriously? Nerf turrets? Why? It is not like turrets gave you the potential to get a lot of points but seriously the biggest of points you could steal was 2-3, it isn’t much but why nerf it?


The biggest amount of stealing was +5/+6 (which is a lot for one hit).
Also, the turrets weren’t just nerfed, but buffed too.
They are faster and have better steering.


it was enough to make a difference in late rounds when it shouldnt be the deciding factor at all. The longer you survive the more you are punished when turrets are good, turrets steal so every time you got hit the difference between that player and you would increase by 4/6, which is quite significant if you keep hitting them. Sometimes people would suicide at the start of rounds if they had ~245 pts just to turret to victory too which is kind of a cheese way to win.


As other people already mentioned. It used to be 2% of the points you get with a turret hit. Way too much. Then it was 1%, still too much in the end of the game. Especially since devs buffed turrets too (faster and quicker turning). They were too good. Now it’s only 1point per hit. It’s a fine compromise. Turrets aren’t out of the game, but they aren’t OP either.