Turrets in rooms


I think that in the options of the room you could enable turrets/missiles. It should be an option because a lot of players do not like it.


Turrets are disabled by default in custom rooms, right?


Yes they are


So you want the option to enable them in custom rooms?


Yes, that would be nice


Why would you want turrets in costums :joy: they suck imo … no offence just don’t like them … but as long as they are not enabled all the time in costums i am fine with it.

Tbh i normally dont use them. when i am dead i am dead and normally talk to the people in the chat :joy:


Same for me… But most of people are not as talkative as me so i use them sometime


It’s alright, maybe other people other than you also have their own opinions on turrets. No offence, I don’t mind turrets…putting in this setting won’t hurt the game.

Maybe you don’t use them, but some people do.


Sure but for high level competitive games such as tournaments they r not the best. But sure if you can switch them off and on it would be a great addition to the game.


I agree. At least make it an option to turn on turrets. Possible make it known on the lobby display before someone joins the lobby. Kinda how the rank is shown. You could put a little turret symbol next to it. Whenever I play with friends in a custom lobby we always talk about wanting turrets.