Turrets Crashing game



Whenever somebody becomes a turret in-game everybody on the screen stops moving and making lines and then they fly off the screen. I couldnt fix it and it happens every round. im not able to play so if you could fix that it’d be appreciated

After death turrets
Dumb Glitch

bruh i just lost my GM status cause of this from 62 to gold 1. im hecka mad.


Same problem :roll_eyes:


yeah ,devs gonna do corresponding adjustments tomorrow


dumbest bug ever


Nice idea… but after the first missile is shot everyone seems to go into straight lines and out of the screen.

U clearly fixed that one doesn’t have to worry about what to do when he dies :joy: cause everyone else leaves the game :joy:

Happens as well when i am the first one to die… everything freezes and the round is over :joy:



I’m Gold1 now… I don’t even remember the last time on a rank like this :confused:


It’s excactly the same with me… i tried to die first as well but it does the same thing :joy: well no sense in playing this game anymore


It’s been fixed! :tada:


Not really…

If u drive into the spot where the missile is … u die

U completely favour bad plays … once u die u cant lose points and good players get annoyed by this missiles

I know they don’t really deal that much damage but they r just annoying…

In my opinion the worst update u made up until now :cry:

In addition why did u switch the queue around?


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