Turret steals 9 points ?!



I lost 9 points to a turret, is that normal ?? Usually it’s always 1 point.
I had the same thing happen yesterday, -6 from a turret.
Is that intended? If it is, in what circumstances exactly does this happen


My bad,didnt see the real issue at first,well not even the top right bottom interactions record points the reason why u lost -9,it should be just -1,someone more used to this sort of inconvenients might clearify it better


thats actually a bug (ye im smart), but i noticed it only happen if the turret hit you while you are close to a wall, kind of annoying but can help you sometimes


Nice to be aware of it ,cuz there wont be further updates anymore


Turret stealing 1-2 points: Normal
Turret stealing 9 points: N e r f e d