Turret position offset from death position


I found another turret bug. I was red and died on the wall (you see my death high in the middle). But I couldn’t find where my turret are. I made a screenshot and only after the game I found it :smiley: It’s also in the middle but in the bottom. I guess it shouldn’t happen? I died with speedy, maybe it let me to go through the wall and die in the bottom :slight_smile:

Turrets Crashing game

The same thing happens when death occurs by hitting a wall while at least one instance of thin-fever is active.
Also none of the turret shots is able to steal any points while it is displaced like that.


Happened to me once when I died on a wall…


Just curios if there’s any work on this bug currently since recently it happens more often, almost each 2nd-3rd game.
And as Badeente wrote it happens more often while using thin module.


That just a glitch