Truth or dare


Truth or dare anyone in the comuniity (just for fun). Plz be fair and nice


I dare @Lunicorn to fix:


Truth :scream:


@Line are you as awesome as you can be everyday?


Probably not, i guess everyone does have some lazy days :joy: but i try to

Truth or dare?




Go out in the snow, make a snowangel and post a pic of it here :heart: :angel::snowflake:


@VIDMAN I dare you to comment on someone’s article SO INTERESTING :cfp: :blush:


Line, I would. But where is the snow? It might not snow for the rest of the season for me:( sorry


You could use sand :joy:


Line, I dont live near the beach :slight_smile:


Excuses :joy:


fly to one




I dare you to use all your gems on xp boost and dont ue it at all


sry bud I don´t have any i spent them all on energy


Im 13, cant just walk into a plane whenever I want


hold onto the bottom of the plane, they will never notice


I dont know where you live, but in the US I will get shot if I trespass onto a airport


wear camo