Trophy System Is A Bit Harsh


I lose -5 if I get second to a grandmaster player and only +1 if i win. Imo second place is treated too harshly. At max you should lose 1 trophy for second place because its not really a loss, it’s second. Also if you win can we just round up and make it so 1 trophy is the minimum you get for winning because winning <1 trophies against diamond players is annoying


Dude you are 2000+ ofc it slows down if not a lo of players are 1800-1900+ against you :joy:


Well geert already told me that The most important in The game is not The rank but how fun are The game, rank is just a speacial feature, They prefer focusing on making The games fun And balanced, rank is only a kind of challenge, And it Help for matchmaking, but it could be removed And The game would still as good imo


Well rank is still an important part of the game that encourages people to play. Even if the devs think this is not as important as the mechanics ( which is true ) it would still make the game better so i posted this in feedback. It wouldn’t be hard to implement either.

true but losing -5 for second to a GM is not fun haha


Happens to me as well :stuck_out_tongue: its just how the system works. But ye no fun at all :joy: you got to be a sweaty tryhard every game


With Time you Will start stop caring about rank, in old Time i was prob The most obsessed with rank…you can ask @Hrvat… … … yeah
well now i just appreciate The game And i often try some challenge And new combo without Really caring about The position i get, Cuz i realized it wasnt The real meaning of this game


Caring less about the competitive side and just having fun is a valid way to enjoy the game. However competing over rank is also very enjoyable for most people. Different people will arrive at different meanings for which they play this game for, there isnt a single real meaning. Of course, they can change their reason of why they keep playing the game but it doesnt make the other reason less valid. sry ik this reply is poorly worded lol


My reply are arent worse.
Anyway when you lose a lost of rank you often rage And want to leave this game ( depend of The person
but if you dont care about rank And Just enjoy The gameplay, then it wont happen :wink: ( if you see what i mean)
im not judging you about caring about it, you can play as you want, i only give my opinion