Trolling on the forum


Not sure why u do this? Haters gonna hate. Its called a joke. No jokes allowed on forum.

It was closed for a nab reason. Some mods seem scared that a topic is getting traction.

goes in internet ooh lloook it’s a troll. Weak af.

@hohoho why are u so toxic?

Its a joke ffs u nabs


Jokes are obviously allowed within reason of being appropriate. Calling out and clickbaiting a topic about a toxic community isn’t really what I would call funny.

Trolling on the other hand is not what we wish for. Trolling is only fun for one side as where joking is fun in general. Calling people “weak af” and calling out people to be toxic is something we won’t appreciate. That’s why I will close this topic again since there is no need for discussion , there is nothing discussable about this.