Troll Combos


So I like trolly combos, because they’re always annoying or scare the other player. What troll combos do you like to use? Say what combo and how you use it.

For me, I use Power Dash and Hide Self. I use Hide Self, then Power Dash in front of a player so they die.


Multi hide / Multi Teleport


Speed speedy for sure … or hide reverse


Speed + Dash.
Just cut them off :3


“Hide” is the best component of troll combos for sure. Hide+reverse, hide+speedy or hide+speed, hide+dash are all good. But the highest skill is to cut off with hide+thin or hide+shield. I believe it’s also more annoying to others to die because of such an “innocent” combos from first sight.


But u can dash into a wall :open_mouth:


I know! It’s a very dangerous game: you can die on a wall or on curve! It’s better not to play it, then you will be safe.


For surviv i use Time - Corner
And i never played with hide dash
And i think its hard
And i saw @NICK playing with that comboo (some months ago)


Not tru


Hide-Speed is probably the best one… or speed power dash.


Speed shield


Or invisi shield


Wait… is the shield invis when u hide self


Hmmmmm… Idk Randommm


Guys you should try the new shit its 180+Homing. Then you can do trickshots and will never miss :wink:


Ill try :wink: