Trigger bomb?


So I’ve seen a lot of players talk about how trigger bomb is the best type of ‘bomb’/‘mine’ but I don’t really get the point of it. I made a list of the pros and cons about it and the other mines seem way better.
Steals the most points
has short activation delay

There can only be one on the map at a time
It is the smallest mine
Is hard to aim because of its size
is a bit difficult to use to break walls since there can only be one in the map at a time


A big pro is that the short activation allows it to function as a shield (hit yourself to make yourself invulnerable) and a jump basically. @Youu can consistently block bombs i throw at him that he cant dodge because he just makes himself go invulnerable with trigger :joy:


Ok, I thought this might come up one day and as one of the triggersquad players I gladly explain why I love the module.

Firstly I played it as soon as I unlocked it which was quite at the start of the game more then a year ago.

Yes, it is small and you need to have good aim to hit someone.
True, you can only use 1 at the time which is not too bad if u use it wisely.

You can shield urself from other shots and mines.
You can jump over lines.
You can destroy lines in ur path.
You steal more then with any other mine.
You have to be skilled to use it otherwise it wont really do the job it is supposed to do.

The job of trigger imo:
It is a good defensive module (jump and shield at the same time) and if you don’t need it for defending you can still attack. Absolutely encouraged to use it with shield (hyperdefensive, only vulnerable against fevers) or and attacking module with range (not scatter or zap :joy: which I do)


ok thanks!


I was checking and I think time bomb does more but idk I was half asleep :joy:


Well said, @Line. I’d like to add more one thing- One of the reason why I prefer trigger more than other mines is because it helps me stay focused in the game. Keep in mind that winning a round gives you +50 points so staying alive is important. Throwing the regular mine here and there will only cause your line to make turns which leads to you messing up your steering and wasting space. I hope this makes sense.


Trigger>regular mines because it can explode liiiiltle bit faster and trust me it does make a big difference. Most importantly, it’s just more fun to use really :slight_smile:


Firedragon. You are right. It is the smallest mine/bomb, but like Line already said you can use it has a shield and as a jump. So 2 devensives powers and you can steal a lot of points with it. I like it a lot, but I am used to it and some people aren´t. Oh and I am one of the guys who talk a lot about it.:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


I love the trigger bomb, I started using it with the combo of lazer also! Great combo!!!


This is why it is so good!!! Check it out!


Dude that was all lazer btw


People often underestimate the real power of trigger bomb, like here The 27-Module Review

Trigger Bomb- The Trigger Bomb has been OP before the Modern Curve Fever Pro era had taken place, but now, it really isn’t special anymore. The radius is too small, and it’s very easy for someone to just drive around it. However, it does have a high enough offense power. But… whatever – this is something you should avoid and it’s not recommendable.

  • Rating: 2.4/10
  • What to improve: Everything
  • Recommend: No


Even if you miss, it can give you more immortality range than even the larger radius bomb in some situations


there is no “best” or “better” it is all about how you use it.
In general:
trigger bomb is good for close range + protact yourself + jump.
other mines are good for any range + gain space.

personally i like to use slow + stealth mine and sometimes i also even use it to protact myself.
rn im gm #17 with this combo and i know i can only go down with trigger bomb.
you need to choose which one is better for your playstyle and what you can controll the best and which is the most comfortable for you.


Triggerbomb is obviously the hardest to use once you try to snipe people out of the air (distance shots).

When combining it with laser it obviously is only there to let you survive.

Once you really mastered it (which imo only 3-4 people have) it is pretty amazing.


Line, I have a question. Who are the 3-4 people who really mastered it? :slight_smile:


:joy:him, him, him, hin and also him





As Darky said me, me, me and me again :joy:
No just kidding, even tho I think I am part of these 4 players.

The thing with mastering a module is mostly time, you have to use it quite a lot and get good on all aspects with it. With trigger bomb these aspects are mostly:

  1. Jumping/Pathfinding
  2. Defending
  3. Short range attack
  4. Sniping

Mastering all 4 of them is really hard. One of the best snipers in game with trigger is @Ozzzj. He even got some video proof for that somewhere on the forum. On short range and defense we got @stellan as one of the best. And for jumping and defense there is the good old @hohoho.

Obviously there are other good players with trigger bomb, but these are some of the OG’s best.

Honorable mentions (piotr3pl, Owl, Vathes, …) Sry if I forgot anyone.


The question is, should trigger work this way? shouldn’t a mine be … a mine ?

I feel like the developers try to ease the wasy for new player - like adding turrets - without realizing that there are some very counter intuitive aspects of this game.