Trick with the new power dash


ive just found out you can use power dash to throw fervers/mines faster.
use power dash and then right away throw your fever/mine.
its should look like that:




This is kinda strong xD works with speed as well, but its much faster here … scary


Nice find @Darklight





Yea trolly comvo


Anything that makes you faster enhances the speed of shots, fevers, and mines. Ex: Speedy, Speed Burst. I think Power Dash gives the fastest speed.


Jump and dash is a lot of fun. Jump then dash to clear a big gap, or surprise someone by hopping into their camp. When chasing if done right you can jump right over them and land on top of or just in front. I try to limit aggressive play with that combo though and focus more on holes and survival but when the times right its a fun surprise xD