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I need someone to help me get better at because I am bad and rage. Simple as that.



breath in and out


no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, and no.

that’s a ton of garbage (thanks for trying though)

also by rage I didn’t mean bang the keyboard, punch the screen or whatever I meant spamming the chat with “WHY” “EBHWGMEHJNGTH” amongst other things


There is no secret tip that can lead you being a GM.
The only real advise I can give you is : play against better players, again and again and again.
Learn from their moves and how they attack.
Predicting is the key in this game. By knowing how we move and attack, you’ll have more time to avoid being killed or being hit by a fever or a shot.

Play consciously.




And don’t forget to sleep sometimes, it helps :wink:


also don’t focus on stealing points in the first 2 rounds. it doesn’t get you any ware.


Agree, and you can also just try to survive without trying to steal from others during the whole game (even if others steal from you). I think this can be a good exercise and it will be an important basis later, because you will survive longer and have more opportunities to steal.
You can also try to manage the double speed ! Ok, it’s maybe not a good way to improve your skills but it’s fun !


Enjoying the game is the best way to get better at it

  1. So start searching for combos that makes the game more enjoyable/interesting for you
  2. Play against players that make the game interesting for you. if they are no challenge for you then they are too easy,boring and you end up only smurfing and not improving. If they are too hard and it seems like you are an alien in the room not knowing wth to do and go last everytime take a step back reduce the skill gap until you can actually play along . good exercise imo is too be in a room with one or two players that are just a bit higher ranked than you and rest same rank or lower
  3. if you are into it go make a room by yourself and try to make camps or half camps for warmup , or set a target and try to hit it whith a mine , or exercise corner or whatever idk…
  4. don’t focus on why you not being the best. You cant be the best at once. It needs lots of patience and practice . If you enjoy the game you definetely going to get better quicker without feeling that you are ‘trying’


great advice @Life. That can help me to!


To become a GM u gotta put your time into the game. U should watch your replays and analyze them too. Once you found what did you do wrong, hop into the game and try to not make the same mistakes. U should also use the best combos in the game, some of the combos u like may not be really good. The best combos for me are speed + zap, because zap deals a ton of damage and basically every double fevers combos as fevers are the strongest powerups in the game. U must learn how to survive because thats how u wanna get points. To practice that i played some custom games and made big camps. There are 2 the most successful camps in the game: the full camp and the half camp. Full camp is when you do a big circle and dont leave any space in this camp. It looks like that:

Half camp is when you make a circle but you leave space in it so when you turn around u still have space to continue your camp and sometimes luckily even leave and and survive longer. I didn’t find any pictures of it :frowning:
I hope that will help you to get better at the game :wink:

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Thanks for the replies, I think I have everything.


that,s a great half camp!


i didnt show any pictures of half camp cuz i couldnt find em, this one i showed is a picture of full camp